Williamson details her reasons for leaving “The Rookie”


Plus: How Bishop will be written off the show

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Afton Williamson of “The Rookie” explains her reasons for leaving the series after one season.

THE ROOKIE NEWS—Details are emerging on the reason why actress Afton Williamson (Officer Talia Bishop) left ABC’s The Rookie after one season. In an early morning Instagram post from August 4, Williamson claims she experienced racism, sexual harassment and bullying during the filming of the pilot and throughout the first season.

Williamson accused a guest actor of sexual harassment and the head of the hair department of making the racial comments and later sexual assault. Williamson claims she informed the showrunner/EP (though the person is not named, Alexei Hawley is the showrunner) of the issues and claims this person did go not HR protocol after the reports were filed. Williamson claims that an investigation was never launched until after the series concluding filming the first season. 

In her lengthy post (found here), Williamson says it was not until a meeting with the showrunner, two other producers from the show along with her agent and union representation that she was asked to participate in an investigation into her claims. Williamson states that it was clear to everyone in the room her reports to the showrunner were never shared with anyone, including the two producers in the room. 

A month later, Williamson asked to leave the show. 

Both eOne (Entertainment One)  and ABC Studios have issued statements in response to Williamson’s accusations. eOne is investigating her claims. ABC Network says they will wait on the final results of the investigations before making any decisions. According to all reports, the investigation is being done by a third-party. 

The crew member in question, the head of the hair department on the show, has reportedly been fired. It is not clear if the guest actor is returning to the show.

How will Bishop be written off the series

Per TV Line, Bishop’s character will leave the force head over to a federal agency. If you recall, Bishop was put on notice after it was learned she lied on her LAPD application about having contacts with known criminals. This basically means her career with the LAPD would have stalled out. With no future, no more rising to detective in her career track, she bails.

The Rookie is currently in production on its second season in Los Angeles. 


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  1. I’ve often wondered why the co-star and another female cast member were dropped from the CASTLE series
    and have often wondered if it was due to something of this nature.


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