What’s next for Castle and Beckett

Lisa Edelstein and Stana Katic in "Valkyrie."
Lisa Edelstein and Stana Katic in “Valkyrie.”

With the premiere having now aired in the United States, Castle creator Andrew Marlowe has broken his silence what lays ahead for Castle and Beckett now that they’re engaged and Beckett has taken the job in D.C.

Marlowe teases that there will be challenges—challenges that all couple face when matters of the heart and careers are in play. The crime-fighting duo will face them head one and will struggle with the choices that have been made.

But going forward, the show will throw some fun obstacles in the way of the newly engaged couple that will be honest and true.

Marlowe also adds that fans shouldn’t worry too much about the geographic distance between Beckett and the boys back at the 12th.

TVLINE | Were there any other yes/no/maybe scenarios that you even briefly toyed with? Because it would have been efficient for you to also shoot the outcome back in the spring, while you’re already on location at the playground.
Sure, we toyed with it, but we’re always looking for what’s most honest and what’s going to be most challenging. And it felt like where the characters were in their trajectory and how they felt about each other, that [the path we chose] was honest. Having Kate sacrifice an opportunity and having Castle ask her to sacrifice an opportunity felt dishonest. Instead, it’s, “Hey, if we love each other we’ll figure it out,” and we’re looking at a handful of episodes where they really are trying to figure it out. And the future is not just about their relationship. It’s about who Beckett is, and what kind of life Castle’s going to lead if he remains in New York without her.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Source: TVLine.com


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