What did you think of “Castle” season 8?


It’s been a month since Castle wrapped after eight seasons. The past season has been rough on many different levels and the opinions are varied. I’m working on a few things for the website this coming weekend.

But this is one of the things that’s coming:

What did you think of the final season of Castle?

Give the season a grade and then comment at the end of this post. Please be mindful of your language and while saying “hate it” may be simple, tell us why you disliked the season. Thanks!

Castle season 8

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  1. It lacked the Caskett feeling the past 7 seasons. Everything was built there was destroyed in season 8. It has deliberately driven apart the two leaders, only to carry on in a possible Season 9 without Beckett continues. It was already clear at the beginning of Season 8 that Stana Katic is no longer needed in the eyes of showrunner, because you already planned a eventually Season 9 to produce because without them. That is why the silly story Loksat, no Caskett feeling and the childish and clown performances even when Castle has determined alone. And what was that with the ‘high-flyer’ Alexis and the new Hayley the more TVtime had as Beckett. All this has the series Castle finally brought to an end. Without Stana no Caskett and without Caskett no Castle. It’s so bad about this series. (Sorry, my english is very, very bad!)

  2. Beckett being promoted to Captain resulting in the seperation of Castle and Beckett from working on the COTW in the way that had built the show’s success. Castle becoming a full time P.I. assisted by super sleuth Alexis and the irritating Hayley. The humour was very immature most of the time (Ryan ogling Beckett’s butt and Castle farting). The introduction of Loksat as the background threat was a poor substitute for the Bracken conspiracy or the 3XK/Niemann storylines, failing to generate any feelings of suspense or tension, and the characters didn’t measure up to Bracken’s evil minions (particularly Vulcan Simmons) or Jerry Tyson. Castle’s reaction to Beckett walking out on him didn’t make sense, would he really have not connected the dots between the events of “XX”/”XY” and Beckett’s behaviour but instead thought he had to “win her back”, made him look really dumb, and the pay off for the Caskett seperation promised by the showrunners was weak.
    As a result of the above I have given S8 an “F” as it bore little resemblance to the show that I had enjoyed for most of the previous seven seasons. Relieved that the show was cancelled and we got an ending that didn’t tarnish the previous seasons, if Hawley had got his cliff hanger ending I would have had difficulty watching reruns knowing it was going to end in tragedy, and I certainly wouldn’t have watched a S9 without Beckett.

  3. There were several ones I was really entertained – The Nose was my favorite, the one where the guy was killed 3 times and of course Esposito’s where we find out about his girlfriend. Even with this so, it still was one of the best shows on TV & I will definitely miss it and the cast of all and the people behind the camera. I admit at times the writing left a lot to be desired, but consistency isn’t
    always that easy?

  4. I gave S8 an F. This was by far the worst season ever. It was very clear that Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic did not get along anymore. It showed in their acting and must have effected the writing because it was terrible. I can’t even watch the reruns anymore knowing what a jerk Fillion was toward Katic. What a lost to a wonderful show.

  5. It was good, but not great. Its not what I would have liked to see in a final season of a series, however they didn’t know that. I was a bit disappointed, but I still give it an “A” I understand why they did the storyline, the story had to go somewhere. Right? Do I wish we had gotten a series final episode? Yes. I did get what I wanted in the end, although rushed. But I’m extremely satisfied with Castle as a series. I will always love Castle and will continue to watch.

  6. The shop lost its rudder this season. Andrew Marlowe’s hiding his story was very obvious. There were a couple of good episodes but most of them were much darker and the dialog was lacking. Sorry it’s gone now but better than continuing down the dark path.

  7. I’ll try to be as eloquent as I possibly can. The main aspect I struggled with during the entirety of season eight, was the breakdown of the Castle family. Terri Miller and Andrew Marlowe had built up these wonderful characters in the first seven seasons. And we’d watched all of them put through their paces and trials and tribulations. But what I loved, particularly in season seven, was the developing relationship between Kate and Alexis. They’d worked through so much mistrust and animosity during season six and seven. So when season eight started, I was full of hope and excitement. Unfortunately what I saw as season eight went on, as the systematic destruction of the character’s come to love, to the point where I honestly didn’t recognise some of them anymore. Along with the destruction of Caskett.

    So as we came closer to the ‘season eight’ final, and fans grew more and more concerned about Kate’s fate, going into the ‘clean slate’ of season nine, I did the exact opposite of what I did this time last year, I prayed my beloved Castle would be cancelled. Because honestly, what other option was there? ABC and Winter/Hawley had cornered the fan base, and given us two choices. Go into season nine, knowing that Beckett was probably going to die in the season final, or demand our precious show be cancelled. Well they hedged their bets, and ultimately everyone lost. Including everyone who lost their jobs.

    Now onto the ‘series final’. It was a cobbled together hour of really good stuff that made no sense, with a hastily filmed alternate ending tacked on the end. My God, if only they’d written an entire season of Castle as we saw him last night, imagine how much better it would have been, instead of being lumped with the goofball he’d been turned into. Nathan’s acting was sublime.

    And you could tell by halfway through the episode, had they gone onto a season nine, Ryan was being groomed to be the new Captain. He stepped up in ways we’ve never seen before. And while I’ve had my issues with Hayley, and don’t get me wrong, I love her character, just not why she was brought into. Imagine how good season eight would have been if Beckett’s and Hayley’s roles were reversed.

    But my heart broke, in the scene at the precinct, just before they cut to the final scene at the loft, where Castle was hugging his family, and once again, Kate was on the outer, where she’d been the whole season, instead the middle of that family hug, where she should have been. And in that moment knew, I was never going to get my Kalexis moment ever again. That, out of everything, made me cry.

    Look the last thirty seconds, the alternate happy ending, yep cute, Kate and Rick survived and had Castle babies, but looking at the loft and the ‘family’, I actually felt nothing. I didn’t recognise these people as my Kate and Rick. The loft was devoid of anything reference to Martha or Alexis, and it was like the Show Runners were saying ‘here, we screwed up your show, have some sugar coated crap as a conciliation prize and have a nice life’.

    Well thanks but no thanks. I’ve been reading fanfiction – when I should have been working – by amateur writers who know Castle, the characters and more importantly, the audience, way better than ABC or Hawley and Winter ever did. And that breaks my heart.
    But Castle, the little show that could, that I didn’t discover until three years ago, and stole my heart in a way I never saw coming, will forever live on in my heart, and my DVD player.
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  8. I concur totally with Judy’s comment, so I need not add anything more than what a shame a wonderful
    domestic show that could show so many young people about the good things our Police Departments do
    for us and that they are the good guys in totay’s violent world are to be in most cases. Going to the
    dark side just simply was not the same show that Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller gave us 7 seasons to
    really enjoy.

  9. I love Stana Katic, but I got completely FED UP!! The first few seasons were great. Then it started to
    go down hill. Stana should not have signed a new contract. I did not watch season 8.

  10. We love Castle! Sorry to see the show end. We thought it could have gone on for many more seasons. Castle is very different from all the other show. The cast is tremendous. Diversity, humor, comedy, romance and totally different each week! Please find another Beckett and go go go!

    • The backlash after the Studio didn’t even try and negotiate with Stana indicated that a sizeable part of the audience didn’t want another Beckett, and as it all pointed to Hawley’s preferred cliff hanger ending to S8 leaving Beckett bleeding out and not surviving this would have blighted the whole series for a lot of people, and would hardly have been in step with fillione’s claim that the show was primarily a comedy.
      I think the main attraction for a large part of the audience was always the interaction between Castle and Beckett, and not just the romantic scenes, and there were enough complaints when Castle worked with his daughter in LFLD and In Plane Sight, which increased when she joined the “family business” in S8, along with the pointless Hayley.

  11. I will always love Castle, and overall I feel that it was a well crafted but flawed show with lots of heart. I think the move away from solving a crime of the week (whether the PI or Captain story lines), while working occasionally, shook up the magic of the show a bit too much. Additions to the cast I think detracted from the long standing characters, and more could have been done with them (even the smaller supporting characters). This was marked in season 8 but had been happening earlier. The split in itself worked somewhat but I think covered ground that had been done. I think more could have been done to develope and deepen Rick’s character were not explored enough (again, not just a season 8 issue). But the look and feel of the opening episode, and gems like The Nose show the magic was still possible, if only… Still, we are left with many gems over 8 seasons and for that I say thank you to all those involved.

  12. I agree totally with comments made by “Disappointed” and “Jody”. Will miss it but will continue to watch
    repeats on TNT as long as they run, but I was able to look forward to Monday night’s new episode for
    7 years — did not like the direction season 8 went at all as it just didn’t have the same family feeling.

  13. Season 8 was awful. Castle became a clown. Beckett lost her way. For me it had been breaking new ground in entertainment. If only a creative intelligent show runner could have been found to continue to evolve the show


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