Upcoming TNT Schedule


TNT has resumed a semi-normal schedule for Castle, which is a good thing if you didn’t like having the show on at five in the morning. With that said, this is what TNT is showing for the next week or so.

Thursday, January 19

5 p.m. — Need to Know

6 p.m. — Number on Fan

Friday, January 20

4 p.m. — Time Will Tell

5 p.m. — Get a Clue

6 p.m. — Like Father, Like Daughter

7 p.m. — A Murder is Forever

Thursday, January 26

5 p.m. — Disciple

6 p.m. — The Good, the Bad & the Baby

Friday, January 27

4 p.m. — Limelight

5 p.m. — Under Fire

6 p.m. — Deep Cover

7 p.m. — Dressed to Kill

Monday, January 30

6 p.m. — Smells Like Teen Spirit

7 p.m. — Room 147

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