Triple episodes scheduled for ABC’s Castle


SCHEDULING and SPOILERS—Good news for Castle fans, the week-later start date appears to have a happy ending. ABC is scheduling three new episodes to air in eight days. As mentioned last week, ABC pushed the second-half start date to Feb. 8.

ABC says (per TV Line) a new episode, “Witness for the Prosecution,” will air following a Bachelor Valentine’s Day special on Sunday, Feb. 14. On Monday Feb. 15, another fresh episode will air, “Dead Red.”

It was recently revealed that “Witness for the Prosecution” is a first for the show with an episode set inside a courtroom with Richard Castle taking the stand in a criminal case. As his testimony unfolds, it’s a trip down memory lane where old issues (his disappearance, etc.) are brought to the forefront. It causes problems for the current case which puts the detectives at the 12th back to work to keep the case on track. It’s not known if the episode is a “clip episode” (like season five’s “Still.”).

In other notes, there was a filming overlap with episode 15’s filming scheduling bleeding into the start of episode 16.

Here’s a BTS shot from filming (date posted may not reflect the date of filming) with stand-ins from the episode:



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