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THE ROOKIE—ABC’s The Rookie opened with a 1.0 and 5.43 million viewers. Compared to some of the other network offerings in the same slot since the powers-that-be axed Body of Proof, the Nathan Fillion-lead police procedural is off to a better start. But not much.

The show’s longevity will remain around one thing: money. It doesn’t matter if Fillion is on it or how many viewers it gets (or doesn’t) or if the ratings go up (they’ll likely go down), if it earns the network money, it will likely remain on the air.

People will ask, how is a 1.0 good for the show? Look at the numbers for other shows on ABC. They’re about the same. That’s why a 1.0 is decent for a new show.

As said in the review, The Rookie has some things going for it and it has things working against it. The “requisite” love-story is off-putting and isn’t working for this viewer. Reading other reviews, it’s clear it is the same way for other people as well. This viewer can look past the relationship.

The other thing this show struggles with: trying to make it an ensemble when its clearly not set up to be that way. It was difficult to follow other the other character’s storylines. This issue, if done right, could be worked out in future episodes.

Just like Officer Nolan, the show will have to earn the respect of its viewers. It’s got the network’s blessing from the amount of advertising for the freshman show.

That’s why it’s a good idea to give the show a shot. If you don’t like it, move on and let others enjoy the show.

Editor’s Note: I am not interested in hearing complaints about Nathan Fillion and what may have happened or not happened during his tenure on Castle. At some point you must accept it is water under the bridge, and everyone involved has moved on with their lives and careers. If you cannot bring yourself to do the same, then stop reading articles about him and the show. This extends to comments on this article and those that follow, social media and emails. I will never understand the logic of complaining about a show that features an actor one dislikes.


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