Recap: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Another Castle alum is making their way back to a Nathan Fillion show. Elizabeth Davis Beall is a co-executive producer on the show. Some of her Castle credits include “Dressed to Kill”, “Cloudy with a Chance of Murder”, “Boom” and “Little Girl Lost.” Beall was one of the better writers on Castle. She later went on to write for CBS’s Scorpion and FOX’s Lethal Weapon.

The reality of police work is starting to hit home for the rookies. Idols are not what they appear to be and sometimes you must arrest people who only break the law because of their circumstances. Then there’s the all-to-real fact that even veterans can make mistakes.

Bradford’s (Eric Winter) personal problems come front and center when his wife overdoses. He makes a reckless decision and picks a fight with some hard-core bikers. This makes Chen question whether if her TO came back too soon after being shot. Chen makes a valid point to Bradford his wife’s addiction is going to destroy him one way or the other. There is a reveal, his wife is former undercover narcotics officer. Chen delivers doses of Narcan to his wife. A new page is turned in their relationship.

Fictional realism is starting to become The Rookie’s strong point.

The Case of the Week | This week the boots and their TO’s are chasing after a robbery gang that plays dress up. Long story short, they provide tactical support while SWAT chases down the bad guys. But nothing is ever that simple. SWAT comes under fire and eventually that spreads to our guys. Bishop and Nolan chase after the robbery gang. They eventually hook up with Bradford and Chen to pursue together after the suspects split up. Things get worse for Nolan who finds himself face-to-face with one of the suspects. Bishop swoops in and saves his life again.

Other Things Happening | Bishop has a soft side. She bails out a father who stole money from robbery suspects to pay bills. The rookies also talk about their chances of making it as police officers. According to the statistics, one-in-three don’t make it. The rookies make a pact to break the odds.

Things Hoping For | There needs to be continuity for some of the seeds planted in this episode. One of those follow through’s should be Bradford’s picking a fight with a biker. The other nugget should be Bishop’s mistake of leaving the car door unlocked.


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