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The Checklist

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Both Chen and West have a list of items they need to “check off” before they can move to the next phase of their rookie training. Nolan lucked out because Bishop started him off and running by making him the primary. A bulk of the episode focuses on Chen and West completing their lists.

Bradford has never had a “boot” make this far and then washout so he’s pulling out all the stops to make sure Chen gets her list completed. She does manage to check one off after stopping an illegally registered car. She lets the driver go, checking off ethical dilemma on her list. She eventually checks all of the boxes when she stops a woman accused of taking a motorized scooter and the woman commits a series of small crimes along the way.

West has an easier time but his quest makes him overzealous, including tearing apart a guy’s car just so he can tick off felony drug possession. Lopez rips him a new one, basically saying: this is not who he is as a cop.

While at lunch, there’s a call about a carjacking. Chen and West both need to check that off their list. When they arrive, the realize the victim is Nolan’s friend, Ben. He was left badly beaten after trying to get a cup of coffee.

Det. Wolfe takes over the case and taps Nolan to help him track down the thieves using a bait car. The catch the thief but they’re going to use him to a bust a car theft ring. Nolan is not happy considering what happened to his friend. The track down the bad guys to a warehouse. They scatter like cockroaches when the cops arrive. Jackson and Lopez chase after one of the suspects in their patrol vehicle. He almost takes out a woman with a baby stroller.

Other Things Happening | Bishop has her disciplinary review panel meeting after admitting to Sgt. Grey she lied on her personal history questionnaire before entering the academy. She could get off a warning, be suspended, or lose her job. Nolan wants to help but everyone warns him that it won’t help her and it will do more harm to him in the end. But he doesn’t care. He barges in on the panel and lets the Chief know that Bishop is a good cop. He can’t excuse what she did and she should be punished. But at the same time, he wants the panel to know that Bishop made him a better cop. She showed him how to use his experience and consider that  a strength. It was a good speech and it may have helped for a short time. Bishop is offered an out: become a rat for Internal Affairs. 

Back at the beach house, Ben wants to run away from his troubles. But Nolan, speaking from experience, tells him he can’t do this. He must stay the course and confront them head on. Nolan suggests Ben use what happened to him help others.


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