The Castle hiatus is not so unusual



Breaks this late in the season are not so uncommon

[quote_left]Shows, all shows, take breaks. It’s standard. There are 35 weeks in a season. And with 23 episodes, there are 12 weeks where there aren’t episodes. Plus, ABC wants to get last four episodes in with Sweeps (April 24 to May 21). And the show does better on longer runs. As you will read, the show has historically taken breaks like this. [/quote_left]I’m always amused at how fans can freak out over normal things such as a  hiatus. Every season it’s the same thing—the show goes on hiatus for a week or two (or three) and people freak out. Why? I’m not sure. I gave up trying to figure that out. I do think, however, people need to get their priorities straightened out and realize there are worse things in life you should be upset about.

And not having Castle for two or three weeks is at the top of the list of things you need to change about your life if not having the show on for a couple of weeks is upsetting. Take it from me folks, when you get upset over this it really says to me and a lot of people you need to get out more.

Go read a book. Get involved in your community. Help your kids with their homework (or, do your homework). Or watch something educational on the Discovery Channel.

That said, why do shows take a break? One is the amount of episodes remaining in the season. Two, it allows for the cast and crew to focus on the remaining episodes without having to feel the pressure of the ticking clock.

But is this three week break so unusual?

No says the magic eight ball. And it’s amazing how short fans memories are when it comes to these sorts of breaks. And it’s certainly not the first time the show has taken a hiatus this late in the season.

For the record, season five have had a three week hiatus between “Hunt and “Scared to Death.” And let’s not forget the two week hiatus between “The Lives of Others” and “The Fast and the Furriest.” Oh yeah, there was that break “Death Gone Crazy” and “Recoil.” Earlier in the season, fans were gifted with two hiatus breaks that came between the episodes of “Murder, He Wrote” and “Probable Cause” and again between “After Hours” and “Secret Santa.”

Season four also had a three hiatus between “Once Upon a Crime” and “A Dance with Death.” And before anyone decides to say anything, there was a two week hiatus going into the final two episodes of the season. And before that, it was a two week hiatus between “The Limey” and “Headhunters.”

And things weren’t much cheerier in season three either. There was a three hiatus between “The Dead Pool” and “To Live and Die in L.A.” And oh, there was a four week hiatus between “Countdown” and “One Life to Lose.” But that wasn’t the only hiatus. Earlier in the season, Castle had a three week hiatus between “Close Encounter of the Murderous Kind” and “Last Call.”

But what about season two you say? Surely there weren’t any hiatuses then, right?

Nope. Not counting the hiatus during Olympics. There were three two week hiatuses in the second half of the season. A two week hiatus between “Den of Thieves” and “Food to Die For.” “The Mistress Always Spanks Twice” and “Tick, Tick, Tick” had a two week spread. And before those two breaks, a fans were treated to yet another ungodly two week break between “The Third Man” and “The Suicide Squeeze.” And the first half also saw a two interruption between “One Man’s Treasure” and “The Third Bullet.”

So wait, didn’t season one have a break too?

Nope. Season one ran 10 episodes all the way through. I guess we were lucky in that it was a mid-season replacement!


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