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Every Monday from now until the season premiere in September, we’ll be feature a random episode of the week. There’s no method to our madness other than we won’t select an episode twice and it won’t be a recently aired episode on ABC (in the last four weeks). So without further delay, this week’s episode is:

Nikki Heat

Castle’s novel “Heat Wave” is being turned into a movie, and the Hollywood hottie cast as the movie’s lead shows up at Beckett’s invitation to better understand the character she’s going to play. Laura Prepon (“October Road,” “That ’70s Show”) guest stars as actress Natalie Rhodes. As our threesome investigates the murder of a high-class matchmaker, Natalie goes to extremes in the name of “character research,” transforming herself into the spitting image of Beckett — much to Castle’s delight and Beckett’s dismay. Also in the episode, Melody Thomas Scott (“Young & the Restless”) and Thomas Calabro (“Melrose Place”) guest star.

Original Airdate | January 3, 2011

Written by |  David Grae Directed by |  Jeff Bleckner

Guest Cast | 

  • Laura Prepon as Natalie Rhodes
  • Juliana Dever as Jenny Duffy-O’malley
  • Juan Alfonso as Delivery Man
  • René Ashton as Amelia Weiss
  • Randall Batinkoff as Brad Williams
  • Jon Briddell as Rich Weiss
  • Thomas Calabro as Scott Donner
  • Lenny Citrano  as Lead Lawyer
  • John L. Curtis  as Desk Clerk
  • Schae Harrison as Uniform Cop
  • Tymberlee Hill as Julie Taylor
  • Stephen Macht asBill Wellington
  • Adam O’Byrne as Mr. Rubens
  • David Parker as Duke Jones
  • Sahlima as Vicky Rubens
  • Melody Thomas Scott as Tonya Wellington
  • Kelly Thiebaud as Chloe Graves
  • James Andrew Walsh as Desperate Man

What we loved about this episode |  What was there not to love about this episode we ask? It opens with Castle watching a screen test of Natalie Rhodes who’s trying out for the part of Nikki Heat in the feature film. He’s not impressed and fears Beckett’s gonna flip out. But he’s wrong. Beckett allows Rhodes to shadow her for a few days to get a feel for the character. Over the course of the episode, Rhodes starts to imitate Beckett from her pasture, mannerisms and right down to the clothing. This freaks Beckett out and Castle is somewhat amused. As much as we liked seeing Beckett being driven crazy, perhaps the super sweet moment of this episode the fact that Detective Ryan is going to propose to his girlfriend.

Ryan and Jenny |  If you didn’t already know, Seamus Dever (Det. Kevin Ryan) and Juliana Dever (Jenny O’Malley) are married in real life. Ryan shows Castle the ring and Castle says he needs to go all out for the proposal. Beckett says she no, that’s not what woman want. Ryan does everything right. He asks her parents for permission but he fails to tell Esposito that he used him as a cover story and also fails to tell Jenny about working with Natalie Rhodes. Jenny runs off from the precinct. But at the end of the episode Ryan just asks Jenny at the precinct for her hand in marriage.

She took my coffee Castle | Part of the reason why RIck likes working at the precinct is the smile he gets when he brings Beckett her morning coffee. And when Natalie takes her coffee it unsettles Beckett who begins to think that Natalie’s method acting skills are beginning to invade her brain.

Case of the Week |  A matchmaker is found dead. It turns out, one of her former clients bumped her off because she blackmailed him so that his future ex-wife didn’t take him to the cleaners during the divorce trial. The matchmaker was honey trapping the wayward husbands. We almost forgot about the case because it was somewhat forgettable.

The rewind moment |  There’s a few rewind moments from this episode. But we’re going to go with Ryan’s proposal for Jenny at the end of the episode. It’s all so sweet. We felt all sorts of warm fuzzies on the inside with that scene. (PS: We’re also firm believers that Ryan and Esposito are such wonderful characters that they deserve more screen time.) But as much as we loved the proposal scene, we have a few honorable mentions that we’d like to pass along.

  • The taking of the coffee scene
  • Steal my boyfriend and kill me in my sleep
  • Is Castle gay?
  • Clone army attack, creepy Beckett

That was cool |  There’s not a “that was cool moment” in this episode. But we had to life at Alexis saying that Natalie Rhodes was great in “insert movie” and then tagging it with the “which I haven’t seen.” Castle’s reaction is amusing in each of those instances.

Quotes of the episode |  There’s a few from this episode that we’d like to share

Beckett: She took my coffee Castle
Castle: It’s just coffee.
Beckett: What’s next? My soul?

Ryan: We should have a code word so we know what Beckett to kill when the clone army attacks.

Esposito: What are you guys doing?
Ryan: HIding from creepy Beckett.


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