Summer: A Deadly Affair

The third season opens with Castle MIA after spending the summer in the Hamptons with his ex-wife publisher Gina. And when the murder of a victim leads the team to an apartment, they find Castle standing over the murder suspect with a gun in his hand.

Every Monday from now until the season premiere in September, we’ll be feature a random episode of the week. There’s no method to our madness other than we won’t select an episode twice and it won’t be a recently aired episode on ABC (in the last four weeks). So without further delay, this week’s episode is:

A Deadly Affair

Beckett hasn’t heard from Castle since he left for the Hamptons months ago to finish writing his second Nikki Heat novel, “Naked Heat”. The most Beckett, Ryan and Esposito have seen of Castle is a bookstore standee of him advertising an upcoming book signing. So when Beckett and her team burst into a shadowy apartment on the trail of a murderer, the last thing they expect to see is the real-life Castle standing over a dead woman’s body holding a gun! As Castle protests his innocence, Beckett has no choice but to arrest him on suspicion of murder.

Original airdate |  September 20, 2010

Written by |  Andrew W. Marlowe Directed by |  Rob Bowman

Guest cast |

  • Charlene Amoia as  Ana Marie
  • Meghan Ashley as Fire Breather
  • Gino Cafarelli as Dan Carbino
  • Ethan Erickson as Xander Foyle
  • Justice Gamble as Bartender
  • Craig Gellis as Earl
  • Lisa O’Hare as Kitty Canary
  • Michael Rady as Evan
  • L.T. Tolliver as Uniform

What we liked about this episode | Beckett and the team were pretty hurt that Castle didn’t call after he got back from the Hamptons. And like most other episodes, the B-Story of Alexis’ boyfriend of not calling after he got back from London mirrors Castle’s not calling Beckett. Castle in handcuffs, again.

The interrogation scene | Beckett interrogating Castle brings us back to “Flowers for Your Grave” and oh so much more. There’s so much subtext in this scene that it’s flooding into the maintext of the episode. Yeah. Hard to believe it would take another two years finally get these two into bed.

This makes how many times | Castle saving Beckett’s life by tackling her just as one the killers starts to fire on our team. We’ve lost track? How many times is that?

Figuring the case out | Beckett and Castle made a bet on who could figure out the case. If Castle figured it out, Beckett would have take him back as her partner. If Beckett figured it out first, Castle would have to leave her alone. Beckett let Castle win. Yeah! (Of course, there’d be no show if she didn’t right?)

That was cool | The episode actually opens up with what happens at the end. Castle in a room full of mirrors and running out to the alley to face off against… BECKETT? Our two circling lovebirds pointing guns at each other? Yeah.

Best line ever | “So tell me, does she make you do everything on a deadline?”

So tell us, what did you think about “A Deadly Affair?”


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