Spoilers: The latest scoop on Castle


SPOILERS—Castle returns Nov. 9 with three more episodes before taking a break until early February 2016. Here’s the most recent scoop on what viewers can expect.

Do you have any new Castle scoop? –Alie
During our November Sweep preview chat, I was sure to ask the co-showrunners what exactly Kristopher Polaha will be up to on the series, besides being tall. “He’s playing a public defender who comes in [during the fall finale ‘Mr. & Mrs. Castle’] and presents with some unexpected complexity,” said Alexi Hawley. “He’s a little bit more than what he seems. “The design of his character,” Terence Paul Winter added, “is that he’s immediately at odds with the folks at the 12th, while representing a murderer. He’s trying to do his job while the 12th is trying to do theirs.”

Do you have any scoop on where Castle‘s Beckett will be when Stana Katic was in Milan? –Laura
For the next new episode, “Cool Boys” (airing Nov. 9), Beckett is “out of town at a meeting for a couple of days, at a work-related function,” Alexi Hawley told me. The EP then made clear that she is off doing “real work, not secret work” related to the LokSat mystery.

Source: TV Line

And one more item from TV Line:

Here’s a look at the fall finale preview for “Mr. & Mrs. Castle”

Nov. 23, “Mr. & Mrs. Castle”: The fall finale, per its title, is a nod to Brangelina’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith — namely, “the fun of the conflict in that relationship in the movie,” says Hawley. On what note will it leave fans heading into a three-month hiatus? “We’re not leaving you with a cliffhanger,” says Hawley, “but the promise of what it will be like when we come back.”

You can also find previews for “Cool Boys” (11/9) and “The Last Seduction” (11/16) on TV Line as well.

Can you ask the Castle heads when will they deal with Castle’s disappearance again this season? They have teased they will. — Rida

And they meant it, too. “We can definitively say that that’s coming up in the middle part of the season,” showrunner Alexi Hawley says. “We’re definitely going to go there probably in the episode 14 area — 13, 14, 15 — something like that. We’re still nailing down the specifics, but we want to get into that. We want to, as we promised at the beginning of the season, tie that in to some of the stuff that we set up at the beginning of the season.” See, they haven’t forgotten.

Source:  Entertainment Weekly

And more scoop from EW.com—Alexi Hawley confirms that the show is not killing off one of its leads. A new blind item from TV Line said that a veteran drama would kill off a co-lead (which can be defined in different ways—a show like NCIS has several co-leads). You can read more here.


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