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“The Way of the Ninja” – When a Japanese ballet dancer is mysteriously murdered, Castle and Beckett’s investigation into her secret life uncovers evidence that she was killed by a ninja, and now that ninja is coming after them.

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First a few thoughts about the episode | Like most shows, Castle came back with a light offering from Christine Roum and newcomer Shawn Waugh. “The Way of the Nina” was the perfect episode re-center the Castle universe with the right elements of comedy, drama and suspense. It was great to see Arye Gross back as Dr. Perlmutter. He gets away with teasing Castle every chance we get. We said with a few weeks ago that the new writers tend to get the dyamic of the show that is now lost on the veteran writers. Roum came on staff last year. And Waugh has been working on the production for about as long but working with the writers. Overall, this episode ranks up there for favorite episodes of the season.

[quote_left]”Of course, we can’t let facts get in the way of a good story,” — Beckett[/quote_left]The case | This week’s case centers on the mysterious murder of a Japanese ballet dancer. As the team investigates the woman’s past they soon learn she has a past as mysterious as her death. The case takes the boys to modern day take on a Geisha club complete with the stereotypical Japanese businessmen singing karaoke.  They fight off ninjas as the case takes them into   battle with the Yakuza. Their victim was the daughter of Japanese businessman who unknowingly got involved with the enforcer of the Yakuza and attempted to get out. A desire which results in death. The investigations leads Castle and Beckett back to the “killer’s” lair only to find the woman they had talked to earlier at the precinct. Turns out, she’s a cop and the victim’s sister. There is a striking parallel between Beckett and Kiara. And having been down that road of wanting revenge, Beckett is able to keep Kiara from making a horrible mistake. Beckett tells her, “I’ve been there. You want blood for blood. But it’s not worth it.  Just let him live with who he really is.”

The ring, OMG she wore the ring | After endless episodes of Beckett not wearing the ring (it was last seen on “Number One Fan”), she finally put it on for dinner with an old high school friend. But that wasn’t the only sighting. Beckett was wearing the necklace for part of the episode. Hopefully this quiets down the obsessive fans who seem focused on the material aspects of the relationship.

Never going to be boring | There are probably very few women who have not experienced what Beckett went through with her dinner with her old high school friend. Carly seems to have had it all—marriage to a wealthy guy and all that but tells Beckett her life is now boring. And that worries Beckett. We have to wonder why. You are marrying the funniest kid in the class, the class clown. There is never going to be a dull moment with him around. Luckily, Castle proves to her that no matter what, their lives will never be boring.

A few final thoughts | Overall thus episode was well-rounded. Aside from the semi horrible accents (never look for perfection) “The Way of the Ninja” felt right coming after a heavy episode and leading into another character driven episode with “The Greater Good” next week.


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