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A few things first | After 133 episodes, a derailed wedding that ended in flames and a two month disappearance brought us to this moment. The moment many fans have waited for all those episodes. They’re married, at last, and now we can move on from that to whatever the Castle writers come up with next.

The case | A Swiss courier carrying a mystical medallion and his driver are gunned down. The killers take a brief case that was attached to the couriers hand and bolt from the scene. At the loft, Castle and Beckett are talking about where they would be if they hadn’t meet. For Beckett, it would captain of her own precinct, and for Castle it was working on his second Pulitzer winning novel. It’s perfect foreshadowing into what happens next. As Castle and Beckett are tracking down leads, they find the case with the medallion inside. Staying true to Castle form, he picks up the medallion. But when the bad guys show up and toss a flash-grenade toward Beckett and Castle, they get separated. Castle’s knocked out and when he comes to, the medallion is gone and so is Beckett.

The parallel world | Castle, not realizing what’s going on, heads to the precinct where everything is decidedly different. When he tells the boys something happened to Beckett, they’re confused and they call for their captain. That’s Captain Beckett. At first, Castle thinks it’s a joke, something they’re doing to mess with him, but other things don’t match up.

Everyone in this world is different. Esposito doesn’t patch things up with Lanie. Ryan never marries Jenny. Beckett is a bit frosty and detached, and she doesn’t have what Castle gave her, insight and to not always follow the evidence. She’s also never solved her mother’s case.  Especially at the loft where Martha is an awarding-winning stage actress and Alexis not only has dark hair but is also living in Los Angeles with Meredith.

The mystery novelist is determined to help on the 12th’s current case which is the same one as “the real world one.” Castle quickly realizes the way back to his world is by solving the parallel world’s case.

The parallel world had a few laughs, the first time around. But it was pretty much standard in terms of storytelling. There were a handful of scenes that were throwbacks to earlier seasons. The biggest one comes at the end where Castle jumps in front of a bullet to save Beckett’s life. As he’s “leaving” the parallel world he tells her he loves her.

What threw Castle into this world | Castle hasn’t been sleeping, a result of what has happened over the past few months. It’s wearing on him that he literally left Beckett at the altar. It becomes very clear when she tells him she doesn’t want to go Will’s wedding (Will Sorensen, the FBI squeeze from season one) because she can’t be a part of someone else’s perfect day right now. Castle has hurt Beckett and he realizes that he can’t make up for what he did. He begins to let his mind wonder that maybe he was bad for Beckett overall. So when the explosion happened, this propelled his subconscious into this other world.

A few problems and more | In season five, fans complained about them not talking. It ended some off-balanced episodes that culminated with the proposal in “Watershed.” In season six, the communication problems (or so we thought) were seemingly solved. But yet in season seven, the lines of communication become somewhat blurred again. In “Montreal,” both agreed to talk about the wedding in a month. This is a minor problem for the story overall for the episode. But the bigger problem, at least from a production standpoint, stems from the wedding scene itself against the “blue-screen of defeat.” They were going for a surreal feeling for the wedding, which would have been fine had there not been about 35 minutes of parallel world. The end result was a poor-man’s attempt at CGIing a beach scene in the background. But they’re married, so what did it matter. There were no feels for the wedding. It was fairly anti-climatic.

Oh those wedding vows | I don’t get giddy about this romance stuff. But the vows were “perfect” for the characters. To Beckett, the wedding was perfect. And that’s all that matters at the end of day.


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    • Its hard for a ep to get a good high number if one of the elements on which CC bases this on is missing in the ep in this ep’s case that was action so i got to agree about that, story wise i would up to 4,5 and on photography i would put a 3 music was kinda meh.

      As for the ep itself i think it was one of the best episodes of this season the AU part was realy good and funny with lots of throwbacks couldnt realy care about the wedding that didnt interest me at all and as for the blue/screenscreen if you watched as much movies from 2000-2014 as i have you will be ignore most of it Target and Hunt had worse backgrounds and Poof! Your dead aswell, i must say Bill Roe did a good job on the lighting of the scene he knows his stuff :) i think the normal shipper fans got everything from the wedding they wanted/needed and this should fix that S6 finale problem they had untill this episode.

  1. I think folks (fans and non) are being a little too hard on this episode. Many fans are peeved that the whole gang wasn’t included in the wedding. Several people are very disappointed by that horrendous use of the blue screen (something that made me cringe even in the midst of fan girling over the wedding). At the end of the day it was a very Castle-esque storyline that gave most fans what they wanted…a wedding (and the whole gang shouldn’t have been involved. It was very spur of the moment pushed into play by how they were both feeling at that exact time. I, for one, liked it). In the immortal words of…someone…”haters gonna hate.” :)

    • As opposed to people overly cheering this episode? If you don’t like the fact that people don’t like the episode, then that’s that.

  2. I feel ripped off that the wedding only occurred the last 5 minutes of the show. I feel the producers made a huge mistake altering the real wedding. Who wants to wait all this time for a few moments. I wanted to see a real wedding scene.

  3. I definitely expected many people to point out the blue screen. I think people are being too harsh on this episode. Overall this ep was very good and written. I had two friends of mine watch it who had never watched castle and they loved it, they had no complaints. Whether everyone knew if it was a blue screen or not. This is the kinda stuff that just ruins things for the episode airing. I would’ve given it a 4-4.5 because there truly wasn’t any other errors other than the blue screen and not even that is gonna dumb down the numbers. Some fans don’t like that the whole crew wasn’t involved epso, lanie, ryan. I see why they weren’t and I agree with the writers on not putting them in there. When you go back to when castle proposed to Kate it was either move on in there relationship or break up. So castle improvised and proposed to her telling her no matter what they’d work it out. This season castle disappeared at the altar had Kate worried and wondering why. We all may have thought castle had cold feet. But after castle witnessed this parallel universe I think it made him realize that without Kate his life is just a bore. Not to mention Martha and Alexis being different too lol. When you think about it castle and Beckett have done many thinks just out of a rush and fans should know that the writers aren’t gonna sit down and dedicate a whole episode to a wedding. Seriously? Has anything for castle and Beckett ever been easy? They’ve had obstacles thrown at them since they met and they have obstacles. The fandom should know that a whole episode of the wedding wouldn’t have been very castle and Beckett. Having the wedding at the end of the episode was honestly just like castle’s proposal him realizing his life without Kate is a bore and he wants to get married now. I definitely thought this episode was number 2 on my top list. Number 1 being episode 1. Too many people discredit this episode cause the blue screen and short wedding and that’s just bologna.

  4. The episode was “fair.” I think the fan-girls are giving this episode more props than its really worth. Not really worth all the cheers it’s getting.


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