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“Room 147″ – When a guilt-ridden young woman confesses to the murder of a struggling actor — knowing details only the killer could know — Beckett and Castle seem to have an open-and-shut case, until they uncover proof that their suspect couldn’t possibly be the killer. When a second person confesses, equally convinced they committed the murder, the team realizes the case is far more mysterious than they thought.

A few first thoughts | “Room 147” is Adam Frost’s first solo episode after having had a hand in last season’s “The Squab and the Quail.” He has been with the show for a while as a writer’s assistant.  We like what we saw and we hope to see more from Adam in the near future.  This episode had a little bit of everything, and that everything is what made the show successful. Get a paper and pen ready because with this episode you’ll need it.

The case | An off-off-off Broadway actor is found dead at a Best Western, we mean Best Traveler hotel. As the team investigates, they find a woman who promptly confesses to the murder.  But one problem, she couldn’t have done it because she has a rock solid alibi. Things get weirder when a man walks into the precinct and confesses to the same murder. Gates is not happy and Beckett is frustrated because she thinks someone is purposely trying to tank her case. Just when things couldn’t get anymore intriguing, a third person confesses. He gives them a clue that leads them to some self-help guru, but turns he’s not the murderer, either. The director of the actor killed him for revenge because did a video for the same self-help company that was negligent in the death of her brother.

Crazy theories and mass confusion | This episode sent Castle into overdrive with crazy theories even if he was stumped at first. In a comical scene, Esposito’s asks Castle for a theory and Castle admits he had nothing.  The banter between Castle and Beckett has been sorely missed this season. We’ve had some treats here and there but Frost nailed some of the best moments with the quirkiness that makes up the crime-fighting duo.

The talk we’ve been waiting for all season | Ever since that silent chat between Beckett and Alexis at the end of “Like Father, Like Daughter,” fans have been wanting a real talk between the two women. They got their wish in “Room 147.” Alexis and Pi have broken up and she is left with lease all by herself. She is working as a tutor and her on campus job to keep up with the rent. She is tired, overworked and stressed but doesn’t want her dad to pay for her mistake, so she won’t come home. Beckett feels as if she is the reason why Alexis won’t move back into the loft. It’s a honest feeling from Beckett who’s always been on the outside looking in, even though Castle has welcomed her into the family a long before this episode. The scene at the restaurant is their first real talk.  Beckett has definitely lived through her share of mistakes, and tells Alexis she has paid for the mistake with Pi. Alexis takes the advance to heart and at the end of the episode asks dad if she can come back home. There is no I told you so, just a father who is glad to have his daughter home.

[quote_left]You should know, you’re engaged to a genius — Castle

Yes, a genius at annoying me, — Beckett

[/quote_left] No wedding talk and the ring | Finally, an episode without wedding talk and that is probably a good reason given next week’s dark episode. Secondly, can we please, please stop obsessing about the ring and Beckett not wearing it. The talk, the mentions, the complaining about her not wearing is annoying.   She is a cop she is not going to wear the ring in the field. Secondly, we do not get opportunities that allow her to wear the ring. And thirdly, the ring is only a symbol of their commitment.  If you need a symbol to affirm that commitment, then the relationship is doomed. It is a personal choice on the character’s part to not wear the ring and the writers are honoring that. Like with kisses, they’re not going to throw kisses into a scene when it would be forced or awkward. When a scene calls for it, then she’ll have the ring on. 

A few final thoughts | Could we please not refer to Beckett as Alexis’ stepmother. She is not nor will she ever be or even try to be. She is a role model or a big sister.  Alexis is an adult in the eyes of the law. The new writers have something going for them, and that is the ability to capture the witty banter that has been absent this season. Whether it is because they’re new to the show or some other reason, Adam Frost and Chad and Dara Creasey have managed to capture the essence of the show.

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