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After a season off, Castle returns to it’s annual mid-season two-parter during sweeps. And these  episodes aren’t holding anything back as the return of not one but two creepy killers return to disrupt the merry lives of the Castles and the NYPD.

When the murder of a blonde girl leads Beckett and company straight to Dr. Kelly Nieman (“Disciple: S6E09) and her masterful skills as a plastic surgeon.

When we first met Nieman last season, she conned some guy into killing her Esplanie clones. She had two warnings, one for Beckett and her face and two, “we’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when.” She took her with all the files and evidence relating to the 3XK murders and a about two dozen other unsolved crimes. It was also established in that episode that Nieman and 3XK aka Jerry Tyson were tight, very tight.

Flash forward to this season, Beckett pitches to Gates that Castle needs to be in on this case and Gates agrees and goes to bat for Castle with the district attorney. After All, bringing down a notorious serial killer is definitely a notch on the belt.

And this was a  problem I have with the episode. Unless Castle has been secretly rebuilding the missing case files and Beckett has a memory lapse, I’m pretty sure Beckett can brief everyone on Nieman and 3XK. Afterall, you don’t forget these two characters. Instead, in the season of Castle, it’s Castle does the briefing. The season of Castle taking charge when he shouldn’t be continues.

A tip leads the crimefighters to an apartment of one Michael Boudreau, who they think is just some guy. But when they catch him before he jumps out the window, everyone is shocked that is Tyson, or at least someone who looks like him.

There’s something that I need to bring up and and that’s about the use of flashbacks. Normally in writing, flashbacks are only used to move the plot forward. The use of flashbacks, albeit minor, don’t move the plot forward. But they work to remind viewers or at least clue viewers into the previous run-ins with these two characters over the past four seasons.

Ryan had his gun stolen by 3XK (“3XK” S3E06) which was later used to kill a girl (“Kick the Ballistics” S4E04). Castle was framed for murder (“Probable Cause” S5E05) by Tyson. And then last season, Esposito and Lanie became targets when two people made to look like them were killed (“Disciple” S6E09).

With Tyson in hand and Nieman in hand, the crew hits a brick wall. With no evidence to compare Tyson’s DNA to Bourdreau’s DNA, the NYPD and Castle are stuck. But, because the assault on Ryan and Castle in their first encounter during season three is still on the books, they have something to at least hold this Tyson-or-not for a bit of time.

Castle and Beckett pay a visit to mommy Tyson only to realize she wasn’t his real mom. But she did have a few knick-knacks of his, including a tooth. But after DNA tests prove the man they have in custody isn’t Tyson but Boudreau… you can imagine where this one ends up.

In what seems to be par for the course in terms of how Beckett has been presented this season, she runs off alone to meet Boudreau’s girlfriend who may-or-may-not have come around to the fact her beau is a psychopath wants to come clean. Given the danger of the case and all that’s happen Beckett goes sans backup to meet the girl. In classic cliffhanger fashion, Beckett’s kidnapped.

And with Tyson and Nieman having rock solid alibis (they were at the 12th), who took Beckett. Seems the psycho-duo have a third mate.

There’s a lot of positives in this episode:

First, Castle. The smart, cunning, determined Castle which had been missing the previous 13 episodes has returned. In the box with Tyson, he was the smart interrogator the only who can get inside peoples heads and make them realize he’s figuring things out.

Second, Nieman. She’s creepy in her own right. And when she was a saddled with 3XK last season, I was somewhat disappointed. But Annie Wersching sells creepy. She’s Beckett’s foe in all of this. I sense a throwdown knock out fight coming in part two.

Third, 3XK himself. I’m not a big fan of super villains. So part of me wants me think this is Boudreau made up to look like Tyson. Whatever the case, Michael Mosley never misses a beat as Tyson/Boudreau. I’m looking forward to him and Castle having discussion.

Fourth, the acting. Stana Katic and Nathan FIllion never miss a beat in their dealings with the killing-duo. And kudos to the others who sell their connections to the case even without the use of the flashbacks.

I won’t throw the writing under the bus.

I’m not acknowledging baby talk simply because well, it’s silly and quite honestly, it’s detrimental to the show overall. You can’t have it both ways guys: if you Castle and Beckett solving crimes together, then you can’t have them parenting. If you want them parenting, then you can’t have them solving crimes. Shows like Castle don’t focus on the family simply because the needs of the show aren’t conducive to a family setting. They’re side discussions and a very brief discussion that’s mixed at the beginning or the end. Just look at Bones.

Is Beckett pregnant? Doubtful. It won’t win viewers back, it’ll just scare more away.

Castle until the wheels fall off.


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  1. The fact that Beckett went alone bothered me too. Maybe they were just caught up in the moment or there was a reason for it that will be addressed later. Who knows? IMO there needs to be an A+ on this poll for this ep. After all its Thursday and I’m still thinking about it.

  2. Hi, gr8 review. You make several good points, and as most of the reviews I’ve read, many cite the same concerns. True it is the season of Castle, and where I have not been crazy about several of the shows so far this season, have to admit, this was one of the best. IMHO this eps was more a psychological thriller and it showed how psycho-socio paths can really throw off your game. Beckett, Castle, Espo and Ryan would’ve had this been a regular case, realized sooner that “pieces/evidence”was falling into place too easy. Lesson forgotten “Tyson does not make mistakes”. He is a calculated, maniputlative psycho. This whole “event” must have been in planning by Tyson and Nieman for a couple of yrs (see how this show is – we talk about them as if they’re real- that said) Tyson and Nieman in this episode had the pyschological edge. Castle, Beckett etal were unnerved by this psychotic duo. Advantage Tyson-Nieman. Castle giving the briefing – I was ok w/that. He knew best the workings of Tyson’s mind. Beckett going off by herself, ok maybe a little far fetched, but Tyson and Nieman were at the station, Castle was “truly engaged w/Tyson”, as was Ryan. Espo was focused on Nieman. Everyone let thier guards down. And of course, tptb needed to get Beckett alone, otherwise no cliff-hanger. The “homey scene” in the beginning, think served two purposes: 1) normalcy at the Loft /update on Alexi and Martha; 2) head nod to the fans-Caskett getting older, would be thinking about starting a family.
    Personally, didn’t mind the “Castle, P.I arc” Just think they went about it all wrong, and now glad it’s coming to an end. As a retired woman from Federal law enforcement, I think overall the show does well w/storylines, and how cases are proven. Is it always the way it’s done in “real life”, no of course not…tptb take creative license, and that’s’s what makes the show so good.
    Again, thanks love reading ‘the castle chronicles”

  3. I enjoy “castle chronicles” thank for writing. I never miss a Castle show and hope it goes on for a few more years. Hopefully Nathan and Stana can continue to have that chemistry and that the writers keep up the good storylines!


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