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A few things first | We’re in the second episode of the “P.I.-arc” and there are a few things that need to be addressed. Every fan is different and by that, not everyone likes the little nudges, the winks and they “hey did you see that” references. So with that, I say the “Philip Marlowe-esque” narration is egotistical (and not nearly as funny or cute the second time around) and “Baby Castle aka Det. Ryan” needs to tone it down a notch. These are minor annoyances which I can easily shove to the back of my mind. But at the end of the day, they’re overdone and need to be toned down because it seems like they compensating for something. It’s not cute. It was last week, but now? Not so much.

The case of the week | Two cases become one. It’s almost sad (maybe not) that this formula wasn’t applied last season to Beckett as a Fed because it easily could have worked. The past two weeks proved that much. In this week’s caper, a telenovela star is brutally bludgeoned to death with a pipe near her apartment. And because Castle’s private eye business isn’t panning out so well, Beckett tosses him a bone (that’s what it felt like, even though it was all sweet and cute) by hunting down the murder victim’s co-star’s purse. From their it appears the two cases will seemingly intertwine which provides for some no-longer-humorous Caskett interruptions. Turns out, the victim was trying to start a women’s network (aren’t there enough of those already) with her co-star with funding from a Saudi woman  (why that matters, I don’t know but maybe something to do with a political commentary on something that’s meant for another venue of said topic). Long story short, the case is wrapped quickly and predictable with the the EP of the show behind the killing. The takeaway though is that Castle solved the case.

The struggles of being self-employed | For a private investigator, Castle sure lacks talent. Not too mention getting himself into tight spots. Yes Castle, like what you said in “Valkyrie” you indeed can’t make it like it was before. Castle can’t seem to find a case to save his skin. And when he gets way in over his head—well, he’s just lucky the boys were there to save his butt. His ineptness last week was endearing, how it’s just back to him having two-left feet. He should know better, a  lot better considering all the scraps he and Beckett got into over the years. I guess she really does wear the pants in the family.

A love gone too far | Castle disarming the chick and the little jab at Esposito’s special forces training wasn’t funny and not timed well or well-placed for that matter. I can take it or leave it. It’s only worth mentioning here because I feel that any jab at our men and women in uniform and the specialty training some receive is not well-placed in this day and age.

And where do we go from here | Episode 7×13 “I, Witness” sounds more like a turn of the page of “The Lives of Others.” Castle witnesses a murder but can’t prove it. Best not to judge now but judge when the episode airs. Can’t smack me for that now can you?


  1. I like this PI arc very much. It is much more fun and entertaining than I thought it would be . The only thing I agree with you is on the narration part. Enough now. Caskett is finding a way to intersect cases and that is what I hoped would happen.


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