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“Once Upon A Time in the West” – When Castle and Beckett learn that a murder victim may have been poisoned at an Old West-style resort, they visit the resort posing as newlyweds to uncover the truth.

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A few things first | Repeat after me, the show will get better, the show will get better. If you’ve read these recaps this season you know the deal. I’ve been frustrated with this season. I’m willing to say what that frustration is: I’m tired of Beckett’s character being marginalized and given only ONE opportunity to shine in episodes. It was a miss if you blinked scene. And wasn’t “bad ass” in the sense that we’ve come known badass Beckett scenes in the past. Beckett’s character has been marginalized and pushed aside for whimiscal stories and cases that no longer make sense or take extreme liberty with the process of storytelling. Castle is no longer the smart and intelligent show it once was. In short, “Once Upon a Time in the West” is a feeble attempt to recapture the past. The problem is that writers have forgotten what that past was so much so that when they attempt to walk down memory lane the acting is off and seems forced. This was the case in this episode. I tried to see Castle from “One Man’s Treasure” but I couldn’t get there.

The announcement | It’s a shame that the writing staff felt it necessary to exclude the “family” from Beckett and Castle’s wedding nuptials. Esposito and Ryan would run through a hail of bullets to save Beckett AND Castle and they get snubbed for the couple wanting a personal and intimate affair? I felt hurt with “The Time of Our Lives” and I felt hurt all over again when Beckett and Castle seemed like it was no big thing. Yes, Alexis you’re right. Don’t rub it in. Water under the bridge, move along. Gates finally puts the boys in their place and tells them the best way to make it up for being like babies is to hand over two vacation days each. Good! But the fact that they fully explained why they were excluded continues to burn me.

The case | The episode opens like you’re watching an old episode of ER. A woman rushed into the emergency room. She dies and the team catches the case. After learning she had just spent sometime at a dude ranch, why not send the newlyweds undercover to Arizona to learn more about their victim. Watch out of for the Brokeback Mountain guy, he’s a flash in the pan. Why even bother casting someone like him in the first place? Anyways, Beckett and Castle’s adventure leads them to a few directions eventually ending up in an abandoned mine where they find the dead girl’s dead father. (No points for the cheesy scream from Castle when finds the body. Grow up. You write mystery novels. A dead body after working side-by-side Beckett for the past six years shouldn’t phase you! It’s unfunny at this point.) Turns out the owner of the dude ranch  killed their victim. Case closed.

Running off the rails | Remember the scene from Back to the Future III where Marty and the Doc were trying to get the DeLorean up to speed and the train crashes into ravine? That’s how I feel about Castle right now. It’s going close to going off the tracks with off-beat episodes and desire to focus on the central character of Castle who is shade of his former shelf (seasons one through four). Castle needs to butch up, because Beckett clearly wears the pants in the family!

Castle until the time-travelling train blows up.


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