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“Number One Fan” – A desperate young murder suspect, Emma Briggs, (guest star Alicia Lagano, “The Client List,”) takes hostages at gunpoint then mysteriously insists that she will only negotiate with one person: Richard Castle.

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What we liked about this episode | “Number One Fan” is a welcome reminder of what made this show successful. There is drama, comedy, and some suspense mixed in with a compelling story line. The way in which Beckett comes back wasn’t contrived in fact it was a way that I hadn’t really considered—and that’s good. I like being surprised like that.

The case | Emma Briggs (Alicia Lagano)  is the prime suspect in the murder of her boyfriend.  She takes a dentist office hostage and tells the negotiator that she will only deal with Castle. While he talks to her, Gates lets Beckett help the boys at the crime scene and work the case as a consultant. The woman was innocent, framed by the son-in-law of her birth father.

Crowded living space | Beckett is unemployed and a hiring freeze is keeping her from returning to her post at the 12th. Castle muses she doesn’t have to work because she is with him now, but it is clear she wants to work and not rely on Castle.

Pi always finds a way | Pi barges into Castle’s bedroom, shirtless, asking about a razor. Then Martha comes in stating she’ll be at the loft because the studio is being painted. Beckett muses she wants to spend the night at her old place and Castle musing he’ll join her. Then Alexis comes in with the phone—Beckett gets excited that its Gates telling her she’s back on the job. But nope, it’s Gates calling because Castle has to become the hostage negotiator. The scene isn’t as nearly as funny as people are making it out to be but it has it’s humor and cuteness factor that doesn’t make it seem cliche. Pssst: Beckett, you shouldn’t be so surprised you got fired from the FBI for what you did but that’s water under the bridge.

[pull_quote_left]Why is everyone trying to rush us? — Kate[/pull_quote_left]Beckett gets her job back | There was little doubt that Beckett would get her job back by episode’s end. It was nice seeing Gates allow Beckett to help the boys. And Beckett has her captain’s back offering to interrogate a high powered suspect to protect her former superior’s career. And it paid off in the end. The suspect, who wasn’t a suspect after all but had a close connection to the murder suspect, is good friends withe police commissioner  Forever grateful that Beckett helped clear his daughter, he put in a good word. Beckett is re-instated. Given all the other ways Beckett could have gotten her job back, this was a great way. And even though the commissioner knows about the engagement, he’s fine with it as long as they behave in a professional manner.

Best scene | This week’s best scene goes to when Beckett goes to the crime scene. A bit of friendly banter between. Lanie asks Beckett about when the wedding is and Beckett is like let us enjoy our engagement. Then Ryan chimes in saying then people will start asking about babies. It was great seeing the team back together and working a case.

Best dialogue | Beckett saying let them enjoy the engagement.

Honorable mentions | Beckett bossing people around even though she’s not a cop. Sully being the kid awkward kid in class. He’s only made two appearances thus far but he’s likable enough to make return sometime soon. Also worthy of a mention is the new safe word: cheeseburgers. Beckett helping Castle put his vest on. Gates knows Beckett so well and even asks what she’s thinking when the hostage situation doesn’t make sense to Beckett. And of course, Ryan announcing Beckett’s back with people clapping to her return.

Where are we going from here | Now that Beckett is back with the NYPD and things are going to go back to normal (murder of the week, etc.), one thing that I’d like to see is Gates mentoring Beckett and showing her the type of career she can have with the NYPD. There are lots of opportunities out there for Beckett with the NYPD. Let’s hope the show explores them in a thoughtful manner.


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