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“A Murder Is Forever” — When a famed relationship therapist is murdered, it appears that her access to the secrets of her elite and powerful clients led to her death. But when Castle and Beckett discover the victim was in possession of a rare object worth millions of dollars, they realize that this case may be even more complicated – and dangerous – than they thought.

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What we liked about this episode | “A Murder Is Forever” is the first episode from Castle‘s other writing duo, Chad and Dara Creasey. Fresh off their stint from ABC’s summer series, Mistresses, the Creasey’s add some much needed punch to the show’s sixth season. We look forward to more episodes from the Creaseys.  There was a lot going on in this episode and it while we suspected who the actual murderer was we appreciated the twist and turns that this episode offered. Plus there was Gates. She had a good presence in this episode and we can expect to see some more out of Gates in the next few episodes. The show has been lacking some good action scenes this season but this episode doesn’t disappoint with one good action sequence.

The case | A well-known relationship guru is found shot to death. But her death quickly becomes more than meets the eye the team finds a rare diamond worth tens of millions of dollars. During the course of the investigation the team learns that their victim has some secrets of her own. First they suspect a high-priced fixer played by Third Watch‘s and Southland‘s Anthony Ruivivar. The her boyfriend who’s got a bit of a past, including being on a terror watch list. But the team soon turns their attention to one of her clients. In the end, turns out the wife was the one who killed the relationship guru because of the diamond.

The diamond trade | Diamonds can be a messy and dangerous business in some parts of the world, especially in parts of Africa where the warlords finance their military with blood diamonds. And this turns out to be the reason in this week’s case. If diamonds can be man-made, then they make the diamond cartels go out of business. By the way, kudos to Ryan knowing the five Cs. But can diamonds be man-made? Short answer, yes. It is possible.  Check out this popular science article on man-made diamonds.

[quote_left]“And if you want to be invited into my territory again you should probably rethink that.” — Beckett[/quote_left]It’s staring at me | Beckett has an issue with Linus, Castle’s lion portrait that hangs in the bedroom. It creeps Beckett out. And thus starts the next chapter in the Caskett relationship, creating their own space within one’s own space. Castle’s attached to the portrait because it was special meaning to him because it was first purchase when he became a best-selling author.  In the end, Castle gets rid of the portrait and replaces it with something that is theirs, sea shells from their first walk in the Hamptons. It’s the first step in the slow process of letting go of things that individuals hold near and dear to create a shared space. And let’s be honest here—Castle was well rewarded for moving Linus out of the bedroom and into his office. (See, the whole imagination thing works great!)

Best scene | Ryan and Esposito are ambushed by two thugs dressed as clowns. The thugs want the diamond but Ryspo are not going to give up that easily. This was the big stunt that was teased a few weeks ago. I suspect we’ll get some “behind-the-scenes” stuff when the DVDs are released next year.

Best dialogue | Castle’s been reading up on relationships thanks to their dead murder victim to deal with the issue of Linus. He makes it a point to tell Beckett that he’s honoring her by inviting Beckett into his territory.

Moving into the loft | The best part about how Marlowe is handling the relationship in small baby steps as opposed to making big sweeping movements. Slow is better. Calculated is better. And we’re happy that he is taking this approach. Both Castle and Beckett are still very much individuals and they are working toward becoming more of a unit. This adds some realism to the relationship, something of which was missing last season.

Rewind scenes | The loft scene with the lion and the ending scene. The scene at the precinct with the elephants. Ryan and Esposito’s gun battle.

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