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While the team investigates the murder of a toy company CEO, Castle uncovers a lead to his mysterious disappearance, launching him into a dangerous investigation of his own

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A few things first | Nothing irritates me more than when questions lead to more questions and there’s not enough answers to make it at least seem somewhat palatable. This is how I feel about “Montreal.” And it’s how I feel about this so-called new mythology in general. I didn’t hate this episode, I didn’t like it either. I liked it slightly better than “Driven.” But it ranks right there with “Need to Know” from last year.

What did we find out | Castle went to Montreal not once, but twice. The first time was with Alexis who used her dusty detective skills to say what if the key belonged to a safety deposit box. (I knew that last week! Tired plot, see below.) The get a box at a bank in Montreal to check out the box with the key. The dude at the bank is clearly in on whatever is going on but whatever.

Inside, Castle & Castle Detective Agency finds three envelopes, each with a memory card with a taped good-bye message. Tory, the ever loyal techie does her mad skills and is conveniently called away when trying to isolate just where the messages were taped.

Castle heads to Montreal where we meet the fake Henry Jenkins guy again (why was his appearance kept secret again?). He tells Castle that the novelist didn’t want to remember whatever it was that happened when he was 11 years old and in some woods apparently. And whatever it was, it’s serious enough for all the cloak and dagger shtick going on.

Now, if you ask me if I’m even the least bit curious about what happened when he was 11—I won’t lie. I honestly don’t care. And this has nothing to do with the fact they aren’t married. I genuinely don’t care.

If and when they get around to answering it, I’ll be like: “eh, whatever” and move on.

The case of the week | Nice to know we’re back to the standard formula of cases of predictable flow. That’s comforting in a weird sort of way. So, this founder of a toy company is found dead in the East River. First they learn the guy hasn’t been acting normally since his dog died.

Turns out, dog was poisoned and he started posing as an old guy to go undercover in his warehouse. Yes, we know where this going. Tearing a page from the “overused cop drama plots,” someone in the warehouse is smuggling in smack.

Yep, if this sounds familiar, it should be. They used the similar storyline from season two’s “Sucker Punch” which coincidentally was also a mythology episode where we learned who killed Johanna Beckett. I hardly think that wasn’t planned. Turns out the not-so-gay-as-previously-reported assistant was the dude doing the smuggling.

Plots on Castle these past few seasons are starting to wear thin. It’s becoming noticeable and there for a distraction. Drug smuggling warehouses are a dime a dozen nowadays in cop shows. And it’s boring.

State of Caskett | For all those idiot fans who thought Castle and Beckett were on their way to splitsville can kindly go fly a kite. Honestly? If anyone actually thought they’d break these two up clearly hasn’t been watching the same show as me. They’re trying to get back to their normal lives and it’s not going to be an easy road. No ever expected it to be an easy trip back down the altar. So, they’re going to give it a month and talk about their wedding then. Sounds good to me. (BTW: Any betters on the wedding being in 7×06 or 7×07?)

Where do we go from here | Things are starting to get back to normal. And the third episode looks like another journey down the suspend-belief road. I’ll go down the road. I’ve never been a big fan of the crazy episodes. Just throwing that out there.

A few quips |  Alexis going off to Montreal with daddy was way too convenient and clearly away to get the actress into her allotted number of episodes. They did this last season where they back Molly Quinn’s episodes early. Call me crazy, but I think that hurt them on the backside of the season where we saw next to nothing of Martha and Alexis save for a handful of episodes where their presence was truly needed.

Espo and Lanie were already heading back toward each other in the wedding, so I doubt Castle’s disappearance did anything to throw them back together. If anything, it sped it up.

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