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When a web celebrity is murdered, Castle and Beckett explore the flashy world of internet fame. But when the killer posts pictures from the crime scene on a photo-sharing site, they realize they are up against a social media sociopath who may strike again

A few things first | From babysitting second graders to a commentary on the dangers of social media. What a contrast the past two weeks have been for Castle. “Meme is Murder” is a cautionary tale on cyberbullying to sharing too much information online. The social message with this episode is loud and clear: be careful of what you share online and once it’s out on the world wide web, it’s there to stay—forever.

Case of the week | A social media diva, whose claim to fame are SnapChat style photos, is stabbed to death in her apartment. As the Scooby Gang investigates, photos of the crime scene show up on the SnapChat clone under the username NetSlayer. But these photos were taken by the murderer himself. The press are quickly willing to label this guy a serial killer (apparently, they don’t realize the guy didn’t fit the bill of a serial killer) and 1PP are quick to follow suit. There’s a few twists and turns and head fakes before we arrive at the killer: a man who was bullied as a teen is now taking out his revenge as an adult. They track him down inside of his basement of apartment. And it is back at the station house where Beckett bullies the bullied into revealing the location of his latest victims before they die.

What no web commercials for Castle | I find it really hard to believe that after seven years, Richard Castle hasn’t filmed a web commercial. For a writer who tweets, has a website and is an all around tech savvy guy, he’s never done a web commercial. This is where I enter in the: how to create a B story and by process of elimination this is what they came up with. It’s with a heavy sigh that I say, nice try guys. And 2.0 is so five years old! And the bit at the end? Maybe the hardcore Castle junkies might find it funny, but for this fan? It was rather “blah” and hardly worthy of an OMG moment. I wish they’d stop treating Castle like a buffoon.

What’s the word overall | I wasn’t bored with this episode. It was creepy because of the whole “blood on the highway” aspect that lures people to into watching and liking someone who’s using the web to showcase his twisted handy work. Believe it or not, it has more to do with our primal instinct that we care to admit. Despite thousands of years of evolution we are still primal beings who are attracted to primal things. Some of us bury that desire better than others. But I wasn’t thrilled with this episode, either. This is an episode ranks right there with “Driven” and “Montreal” but was better than them.

A note on the acting | Jared Kusnitz, who played the killer Adam Lane, sold the creepy killer. You felt sorry for him on one level but you’re repulsed by him because instead of moving on from the pain he used it as his weapon and motivation to carry out pain on others. An honorable mention goes out to Stana Katic in the interrogation room. Beckett commands much more authority when she’s in the box alone with a suspect than when she’s tag teaming it. And yes, even with Castle. When Beckett is allowed to work as a cop, she’s a much better cop. Castle keeps her from getting tunnel vision. As good as they are with a team, she’s great on her own in her own right. This one of the few times where it shined through.

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  1. Also wish they would stop treating Castle like a dumb clown… every episode of this season so far has somewhat sh*t on Castle’s head and this is just sad and embarrassing to watch.

  2. Im glad I wasn’t the only one who didnt like the ending. Funny but not necessary. Yes did love the interrogation. That was well acted.

  3. I live in Fond du Lac, WI and this is a freakin Football state so we seem to now lose Castle and have to wait for reruns. Can you help us?

    A most devoted fan

    • Your ABC affiliate probably has an agreement to carry the football game. And because it’s a scheduled preemption, your ABC affiliate is required to air network programming at a later time. At the end of the day it’s about numbers and dollars to the station. And I see the station’s reasoning (and respect it and support it) behind preempting Castle. (I’ll never go after or support pointless attacks on any network affiliate because they’re preempting programming.)

  4. Completely agree with your assessment as well as the other comments. I, too, am not a fan of idiot Castle. That’s not how the character started. I’m not sure why we are dumbing him down now. I also didn’t find the ending that hilarious. I chuckled, but could have done without it. All in all, I’m not overly thrilled with this season. I love the chemistry of the whole cast, but the stories have been less than stellar. Fingers crossed that we get into some great storytelling…soon.


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