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“Limelight” – When a rising young pop star is found dead in an alley, Castle and Beckett delve into the victim’s out-of-control hard-partying lifestyle, but as they dig deeper, a shocking revelation threatens to rock their investigation.

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What we liked about this episode | “Limelight” was a substandard episode in terms of the case, the writing, and everything else under the sun. Nothing stands out in particular which is why its hard to pinpoint what we liked.  There was no chemistry between anyone, even Beckett and Castle lacked coherent chemistry—they worked a part for part of the episode and they did, it didn’t seem like the duo. And this is why we’re going with the Caskett moment at the end of the episode because Beckett makes a sacrifice—her privacy—to keep the press from writing false rumors about Castle.

The case | “Limelight” is about a young pop diva killed in a dark alley way. We soon learn that the pop diva (played well by Alexandra Chando) isn’t really dead but her decoy met an unfortunate fate at the hands of a killer. The investigation first turns to the diva’s ex, Jesse, who fingers some other guy, a stalker. When Beckspo talk to the stalker, gives some vital information about a fancy Ducati which weaves its way back to Jesse. Now in the box with Beckett, he confesses he says he was set up and gives up a photographer. That photographer gives up a reporter who says he was tipped off. Note to would be killers: turn off the GPS on burner phones. Beckett brings in Mandy and her mom. Turns out, mommy dearest didn’t want to lose all that fame and fortune her daughter’s bad girl reputation brought in and killed the decoy who was in the set-up.

[quote_box_right]“If they’re gonna write about you, I want it to be the truth… I want it to be about us.”— Beckett[/quote_box_right]Rules of engagement | Castle respects Beckett’s privacy and agreed to keep their engagement private. But that has some unwanted side-effects as the rumor mill puts Castle back in the arms fo Gina after they had dinner together. Later on, Beckett gets a call from her dad and she reassures him they’re still engaged. And when the boys try to rub the rumor in, it gets Beckett to start thinking. Bonus tip: Beckett has an Aunt Teresa—more of the Beckett onion peeled. Beckett comes around in the end and releases the engagement to the press because she would rather the press write the truth than make stuff up. Castle is still disappointed they’re not getting married in space.

The trouble with Pi | After the opening scene the episode shifts to the loft where Beckett asks Castle about his commitment to their engagement and after some teasing, “the student becomes the master,” a buzz at the door interrupts the mood. It seems Castle has agreed to write a letter of recommendation for Pi to get a grant. But it seems Pi’s pushy and freeloading behavior is starting to annoy the other Castle, Alexis. Alexis unloads about the trouble with Pi to Mandy. The pop diva has been around this block a few times and tells Alexis to get out of the bad situation but also to be true to herself. Alexis is so much more smarter and can do a lot better than Pi.

The end of Pi is Nigh | We hope that Castle won’t hurl a “I told you so” in Alexis’ direction but it appears that Alexis summer fling with freeloader Pi may be at an end. And thanks to advice from Mandy, it looks like Alexis is going to give Pi an eviction notice and send him back to wherever it is he came from. We know. You’re all heartbroken, we know.

Life in a fishbowl | This episode serves as cautionary tale of the cost of celebrity. And this episode hits it head-on and doesn’t hold back. From overzealous fans and nosey, opportunistic fans to people who want things to remain the same, “Limelight” casts a very black shadow over the cost of the fandom. We just hope some of the messages of the episode rings through and makes people think about the cost that people who live in the public life have to pay.

Final thoughts | For an episode penned by Rob Hanning, one of the better writers, this episode came as a surprise of how well it just faltered in terms of plot and character development and chemistry. We hope that this was an attempt at a filler episode to lead into some darker episodes after the show returns from a short break because of the Olympics.


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