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Either Castle's feeling the frustration of getting beat by Beckett at Scrabble, or he feels the pain of Castle fans .
Either Castle’s feeling the frustration of getting beat by Beckett at Scrabble, or he feels the pain of Castle fans .

“Law & Boarder” – When an up-and-coming professional skateboarder is gunned down by a mysterious motorcyclist, Castle and Beckett are thrust into the world of extreme sports, where the death defying stunts aren’t the only thing that’s dangerous.

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Yawn and Bored(er) certainly a filler ep because there certainly was no progression on any fronts

Intentional misspellings and a few misgivings | Yes, I know the episode is not called that but it might as well have been. After 42 minutes, I’m not entirely sure what it is I watched. It said Castle on the screen but at the end I was left with a migraine and nausea. This was a filler episode. Did it serve its purpose? It’s almost kind of funny that in 5×21 (“The Squab and the Quayle”) had Castle so enthralled in a game that he ignored Beckett. And in 6×21 we’re treated to almost a reply of those same events, only this time its Scrabble. Then again, it is episode 21. In 4×21 (“Headhunters”) Castle was punishing Beckett for her lies by hooking up with Slaughter. In 3×21 (“The Dead Pool”) Beckett showed another writer around. While in 2×21 (“Den of Thieves”) saw Beckett hooking up with Demming. Oiy vey! The number 21 is cursed. I wouldn’t necessarily say this was a failure on the writer but a group failure as a whole. Unlike “That ‘70s Show” where I’d watch it if it were on TV, I can’t say the same for this episode.

The case of the week | From what I gathered from the 42 minutes I watched, a rising skateboarding star (ala Tony Hawk) is gunned down. He was a troubled kid who found his way through skateboarding but he has a dark secret: the knowledge of who killed his best friend when they were kids. He can longer live with the knowledge and decides its time to confront the killer who’d become his killer. (Weird how that works, isn’t? Predictable and so was the killer.) Of course, it was the trust-fund kid who was celebrating—wait for it—his 21st birthday. (I’m telling you, the number #21 is cursed!)

Best man or best woman? | ABC should hire someone to teach the cast how to tease and not make things out to be bigger than what they really are. That said, the whole one-upmanship of Ryan and Esposito, while cute wasn’t all that entertaining in the end. There was a just a few scenes and I can see why Castle didn’t catch on. If there hadn’t been the scene with Lanie at the beginning, it would have been lost on the viewer. There was never a doubt, Castle chose Alexis.

Feeling patronized and annoyed | As a filler episode, this attempt didn’t work for me. Part of me feels as though the whole end scene felt uncomfortable for the actors. But the bigger part of me says the whole scene felt a bit patronizing to the fan base. Much like how the ring suddenly appeared after weeks of whining, the show throws in a gratuitous scene that, well, for the lack of better word, patronizes the fan base.

Noted Quote: “Richard Castle, one word short.”


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