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If there is a bonus on waiting to write a recap for an episode you despise, it is that offers one an opportunity to reflect and perhaps, even, view things from a different lens that may have been the case right when the episode airs. This was kind of the case with the solo effort by Dara Creasey with “In Plane Sight” (S7E21). The general distaste for this episode is there, even four months later.

The episode kicks off with Castle and Alexis en route to London for a book tour when Beckett “calls” her man to check in. She tells them they wrapped up the case and just when things seem to be going swell, the call drops because of turbulence.

Castle’s almighty Spidey-sense kicks in and suspects something is immediately wrong. He approaches the cabin crew and demands answers. They pony up the air marshal has gone AWOL. Being as Castle is the closest thing they have on the plane to law enforcement, the mystery writer is tasked with finding the federal agent. A search of the plane commences and after a brief encounter with a snake, the truth is unearthed and the air marshal is found dead in a suitcase. Yawn.

From New York to the air, the team from the 12th begins to piece together what happened. For the sake of the plot, the case was somehow in the hands of the NYPD (in real life the FBI would have jurisdiction, but whatever, we will let mere formalities slide). They work the case, including Alexis having to look at the head wound of the dead guy with Lanie talking her through over the phone—great reception, by the way!.

At first, Castle sets his eyes on the token Middle Eastern guy with a Muslim name traveling under a fake passport because his idiot cousin joined a terror group that shall not be named. (Racially profile people much? Just like pit bulls, eh?) Turns out, he is on the no-fly list and was only traveling to see his mother who is dying. Cross him off the list.

Then they turn to the disgruntled ex-employee who was having an affair with the air marshall. But she was drugged and set up by the killer, so you can cross her off the list.

Things get interesting when the team learns there is a courier aboard with a multi-million dollar watch. Ah—maybe the air marshal was up to no go and was gonna swipe the watch from the courier. Nope, denied. The air marshal was hired to make sure the watch got to its rightful owner in New York. Castle looks at the courier’s wrist—that pricey watch is a fake! The courier was drugged and someone stole it! The plot becomes stale at this point.

As with most lazy plots—it is the flight attendant (would have been more interesting if it was the captain—but then we would have Castle landing the plane, so no, just stop there). She was annoyed in her job (ever hear of quitting) and the boasting the courier dude did whenever he flew. She basically cracked and went criminal intent.

The twist—if there is a twist—is it was Alexis who was able to talk the gun toting flight attendant down from killing everyone on the plane. Dad is proud and Alexis decides to spend time with dad. How sweet.

Back at the precinct, Beckett watches the flight tracker thing as Castle’s plane lands and breathes a sigh of relief. It is no doubt,some of the residual effect from his whole disappearance seeping through. It was, however, sweet to see her so concerned about her mate in life—so much so, some thought she was pregnant which was compounded by the fact of the clothes she was wearing. Anyways…

Even upon the subsequent viewing, this episode still lacks punch. It is not that the episode is Beckett light (Stana Katic only filmed a handful of days) that made this episode few awkward and uneven but just a general lacking of a clever plot. Castle has become a show where they just open up TV Tropes and ask “what haven’t we done yet” and throw it up on the whiteboard in the writers’ room and then run with it. It is a plot that every TV show has done at some point, including  Bones (which was a far better episode that Castle’s attempt).

“In Plane Sight” definitely ranks at the bottom of the barrel on this one!


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