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In “I, Witness” (S7E13), Castle finds himself a witness to the murder of his new client. The woman, who just happens to be an old college classmate, fears her husband is cheating on her and wants proof. And when he does, she wants to see it. So, P.I. Castle heads to her home where he witnesses her murder, or does he? This episode feels a bit like “The Lives of Others” (S5E17) in that there’s no body and no clues at the scene of the crime.

It’s game on to unravel the mystery.

As the third installment of the private investigator arc, there’s some good things (like Castle working in the precinct and Castle and Beckett working together) but some not-so-good-but-not-so-bad things as well. Does this P.I.—arc have legs? After this episode, I think his days working outside of the 12th and not on a case-by-case basis with Beckett are numbered. For a guy who’s been solving some of the city’s most bizarre and toughest murder cases, the character as a private investigator isn’t as good as he should be.

This is where I have a problem with the episode. And it was all a set up to move the story forward (without there’d be no episode). When Castle arrives as his client’s house and sees her “perceived” murder, he doesn’t call the local LEOs nor does he call Beckett. Instead, he follows the alleged murder to some scary place in the woods where he’s conked on his head and loses his “product placement” Buick.

Editor’s Note: Shows and movies often use real products to offset production costd. In “Always” the new Windows phone was featured prominently and there’s been a few other instances where products have been used by the characters in various scenes.

Why didn’t he call Beckett? Was he caught up in the moment? Didn’t think the police would arrive in time? Why not call Beckett from your fancy car which has hands free? You push a button and say: “Call Beckett.” It was never explained.

Then again, if he had, the episode wouldn’t have worked.

Back to the “Lives of Others” reference, there are times when I wish the writers would lasso onto the show’s previous history, even if newer viewers or viewers who don’t have great memories, and make references to earlier episodes. That didn’t happen here. Castle, who was the subject of a prank with a staged murder, never brought it up. Weird. Maybe that was wiped, too. Then again, why didn’t Beckett or the boys, who planned the whole prank in that episode didn’t bring it up.

As the team investigates, they center on the husband as the murderer. But when he shows up dead the story gets more twisty. They learn the client set up her “original” murder with her secret boyfriend to frame the husband but ends up really dead, the 12th and Castle and sets their sights on the boyfriend. But when that turns out to be dead end it’s back to square one.

If there’s one thing this episode had, it was a lot of twists in terms of who the killer was. I didn’t zero in on the killer as in previous episodes. That was a welcome surprise.

Then there’s the secondary story that just didn’t work for me. Sometimes I think b-storylines are created just because there has to be a secondary storyline that runs through an episode. In this case, that is the whole Ryan and Jenny setting Esposito up with a mate for their upcoming weekend ski getaway. The best part about it all is that Esposito chooses the one girl that the Ryans felt wasn’t a right fit. Esposito got the last laugh.

Aside from the few moments of Castle and Beckett working together, there wasn’t much else to harness on. Beckett didn’t show much sympathy for Castle’s problem until the end.

Of course, there’s the uber-gimmicky-cheesy “nap” which references sex. Sorry, “font” wasn’t funny in “Belly of the Beast” and “nap” isn’t funny here, either. Why can’t you just call it what it is for love of god. They’re using these things as gimmicky tricks to compensate for the fact they’re now together. Don’t fall for it.

Castle until the wheels fall off!

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