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“The Good, The Bad & The Baby” — A bleeding man stumbles into a church, but just before dying, he hands a mysterious bundle to the priest. When the bundle turns out to be a smiling baby boy, Castle and Beckett find themselves accidental nannies to the newborn. But when they determine the baby and the victim were not related, they discover that finding his rightful parents may be just as hard as solving the murder.

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6x10_recapFirst rule of CC’s recaps—we do not talk about the baby. It’s not that we didn’t like the baby, but since we believe that many babies are inherently cute (they’re not going to cast ugly babies) it’s rather pointless to spend a review talking about how the cute the baby was. That said, let’s move forward

Our feelings and oh so much more | There was a lot of hype for “The Good, the Bad and the Baby” so much so that we were worried this could have been yet another disappointing example of putting an episode on display because there was something wrong with it. Luckily, not the case this time around. But it could been done with less hype (and less sneak peeks) to let it stand on its own merits. The problem with hyping episodes is that that could backfire, especially if the episode isn’t all that great. In a nutshell, this episode had some good one-liners, Ryan who is no baby whisperer, someone who’s not a baby person, and a semi-interesting case.

The case of the week | As a case, it’s your standard Castle case-of-the-week. It’s a cold wintery day in New York when a man struggles up the aisle of a non-descript church with a bundle in his arms. He collapses at the altar and the priest holds up a baby. The victim this week has a bit of a sordid past and may or not have been a getaway driver for a bank robbery. His death is a mystery. He’s seen with a couple of other men breaking into a building but nothing was taken. As the investigation continues, they learn that he may have went back to his criminal ways because of money problems. Turns out, it was a lottery scam. And he was killed because his morals led him to take the baby as insurance. (Wonder if they got the props from the now defunct Lucky 7).

A very Castle Thanksgiving | So, you mean tell us Mr. Marlowe, that in the five years of knowing each other, Castle has never once invited Beckett over for Thanksgiving? Not even last year when you’d think they would have realistically celebrated their first Thanksgiving together? It’s a bit far-fetched (quite common this season and starting to wear thin) as far as character development goes that Beckett didn’t know about a Castle Thanksgiving. Beckett did call Castle’s bluff at the end. She knew it was a joke from the very beginning—she did give Martha a high-five after all.

[pull_quote_left]You see this face? This is the face of your future, — Castle to Ryan [/pull_quote_left]We said no baby talk, but we’re doing it anyway | It is hard to talk about this episode without mentioning the engaged couple’s reaction to the baby. Castle goes into dad mode immediately, including dragging an officer along with him to get supplies for the baby. Back at the precinct, the baby has taken an immediate liking to Castle and not Ryan (poor guy) and Beckett admits she’s not a baby person. (We saw that coming a mile away.) But in her defense, she said she’ll feel differently when “they” have kids of their own. Since it’s Thanksgiving, Child Services can’t find a place for the kid, and because he’s part of an NYPD investigation, the kid can stay with Beckett and Castle, much to Beckett’s chagrin.

At the loft, the couple struggles with a crying baby, then spit-up, then diaper duty and then the around the clock feedings. Castle later quips he forgot about that part. But the couple wake up to nanny Martha (who is back after being absent since episode seven) feeding the baby. Alexis comes up and upon seeing the situation, “how long have I been gone?”

We think its not so much that Beckett is not a baby person as it is being afraid of babies in general. She took the kid quite quickly. That doesn’t really happen if you’re not a baby person.

Best dialogue | In an episode full of one-liners (oh, how we missed you), it’s hard to pick out that single best line. There are a lot of honorable mentions. “When we do this, let’s do it without the body in the aisle.” “How long have I been gone.” “That’s evidence — watch those balls.” But the award goes to: “You see this face? This is the face of your future.”

Best scene | Some honorable mentions first. Lanie with the baby at the precinct was generally nice. Ryan trying to bond with the baby and adding to his fears of becoming a dad to which Esposito calms him saying he’s gonna be great. Alexis saying that if Beckett and Castle have kids and she has kids, they can raise them together—Castle’s reaction is priceless. Of course, the loft scene with the baby also gets an honorable mention. But the best scene goes to the dumpster scene where Castle was concerned that if he and Beckett do have kids, he’d be the one taking care of them like he did with Alexis. But Beckett’s quick to say that she won’t let him do it alone. Castle’s relieved.

Looking forward | This is the fall finale. The show returns Jan. 6 with episode 11. The general synopsis for this episode involves a young singer with a penchant for wild behavior has become a target of a stalker. Since all the episodes contain a side story, there’s a rumor floating around in the press that Castle is getting back together with one of his ex-wives. Obviously, it’s not going to be true and that the engagement will became a matter of “very public” knowledge.

If the past is of any indication, expect angst the second half and questions about the nature and future of Caskett abound as the second half progresses. Already on the table is episode 12 about an arsonist and episode 13 involves the return of Jackson Hunt (James Brolin) as Castle’s dad. Episode 14 will revisit the fashion industry with Frances Fisher (Titanic and Unforgiven) as an editor of a magazine who has crossed paths with Beckett’s time as a model.  There are also rumors of Bracken’s return the second half and we can probably count on Dr. Kelly Nieman (Annie Wersching) from “Disciple” making a return before the season concludes.

Look for our post-first half recap and ratings review | In mid-December, we’ll post our first-half recap along with a detailed ratings review for the sixth season. So far, Castle is doing better this season than last season. It’s probably benefitting from the Hostages failure and it’s four to eight hour marathons on TNT five days a week. That could change after the first of the year when CBS launches Intelligence in its regular slot Jan. 13. Hostages will conclude Jan. 6 with its replacement airing the following night before moving to the Monday 10 p.m. slot. Castle’s biggest competition, The Blacklist continues to dominate in the 10 p.m. slot and that doesn’t appear to be changing. Castle remains in the “sure bet” category for renewal.


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