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In “Get A Clue” – Castle and Beckett investigate the bizarre murder of a young woman who was found ritually posed. When the team finds a collection of strange symbols in her apartment and the prime suspect turns out to be a mysterious monk, Castle becomes convinced they’ve stumbled onto a “Da Vinci Code” style conspiracy. Meanwhile, Castle tries to come to grips with the fact that Alexis and Pi have moved in together.

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Review | We must admit, we were kind of worried about “Get a Clue” because of the secrecy surrounding it during filming (the long delay in releasing the title of the episode title matched that of the season premiere). The previews of the episode also leads up to believe it was another one of those quirky episodes. Thankfully, our fears never came to “fruition.” This episode ranks high on the season. This wasn’t your typical Castle Halloween episode. It was almost classic Castle. We don’t feel the show has jumped the shark nor do we feel the writers are spiraling down an uncharted path. We’ve known since before the start of the season that the show was going to take some surprising turns and make bold choices—things that might rock the boat.

The Case of the Week | “Get a Clue” is a cross between The DaVinci Code and National Treasure. The murder victim appears to have been killed in ritualistic manner which as is with all the oddball murders, leads Castle into a wide range of conspiracy theories about religion and history. It turns out that murderous monks and religion were not part of the plot. The victim was part of a scavenger hunt to find clues that would to nest egg worth tens millions of dollars. Beckett and Castle follow the clues to a hidden crypt where they find the loot. They focus on the guy who masterminded the hunt but their attention is drawn to the victim’s cousin who wanted the loot for himself. The episode title “Get a Clue” fitted well and surprisingly connects to the B-story involving Castle and Alexis.

6x06_postBecause she makes you happy | This part has been written and rewritten numerous times. We appreciate the fact Marlowe and company are trying to make the relationships on the show more realistic. This is a smart move because too often writers want to create the perfect relationship. In real life, relationships are never perfect. But we have to wonder at what cost is this realism costing the series. Since his introduction in the season premiere, Pi (Myko Olivier) has become the most hated character on the show. There has not been a week that goes by without someone hating on the character. It’s their right to hate a character. But to go on and on about it is just well—it gets annoying after a while and it disrupts conversations between fans. It creates divisions that can ultimately destroy fandoms. Take it from us folks, we’ve seen fandoms self-implode before and it is never pretty. But that hatred has also turned its head toward Alexis in the past few episodes. And as fans we find the uncontrolled hatred expressed by a handful of fans disheartening and embarrassing. It’s not how the fandom should be seen or remembered.

Alexis’ problem is not with Kate but with the way Castle handled his engagement to the detective. He didn’t tell Alexis about it and she found out through Martha while in Costa Rica. This means that the couple delayed in telling people about their engagement. This is okay but why not call her with the news. And also, when did Alexis find out? Was that the reason she came back early? There are more questions than answers.

So how does Alexis view the engagement? She is okay with it because Kate makes her dad happy. And while she says she isn’t sure if Kate is the right one, she accepts it. And she only hopes that her dad can accept Pi the same way she accepts his engagement to Kate.

But it also brings up a bigger question—why does Alexis think the way she does about the engagement. We believe that is best viewed in terms of the rocky history between her dad and Beckett. But more importantly, how Castle’s past relationships have worked out. We suggest watching the episode “Anatomy of a Murder” from season three. We find out that Castle is very protective of Alexis—so much so he gets bent out of shape with Gina tries to do something nice, and we find out that Castle built a wall between Gina and Alexis while the two were married.

Or, it could be simply something she said out of anger. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we say things that we later regret. Regardless of what Alexis feels, she’s not gonna stand in the way of her father’s engagement. That would be mean and unlike her—even given her recent behavior.

Castle’s behavior is believable but problematic | Castle should have told Alexis about the engagement. And because of that we find his actions regarding the whole situation troublesome. We accept his right to be worried about the relationship with Pi. Given what has happened in recent past he has a right to question. But to what length? Does that mean become an overprotective father? Parents won’t to protect their children from making mistakes and the evil that exists in the world. But you can only do that for so long before reality hits home. And as Beckett says the more you push against it the more Alexis will go against dad. He has a lot to make up for and realize his own part in the situation.

[pull_quote_right]You know, there are times I wish she stayed in D.C. — Detective Kevin Ryan[/pull_quote_right]Can the father-daughter relationship be mended? | Yes. It can be through a heart-to-heart talk between the two of them with the intermediaries of Martha and Beckett playing a pivotal role. We think that Castle should rely on Beckett for advice about the situation rather than complain to her about it. Beckett has offered her advice a couple of times but Castle has seemingly rebuffed it. One has to wonder if this affecting their relationship.

There is ample subtext to lead us to believe that Beckett’s lack of spending time at the loft has more to do with not feeling apart of the family she’s about to join than the fact that Pi has been sleeping on Castle’s couch for the past three months.  In “Time Will Tell”, Beckett says she’s going to enjoy a nice hot bath. And in “Get a Clue” she tells Castle she’ll stop by later to try to cheer him up.

Best scene | The scene in the secret crypt is one of the most visual and dark scenes of the entire episode. There is a homage to a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Honorable scene mentions | The sword fighting scene plus the need it, want it, have it. The scene where Beckett mocks Castle. And lastly, the scene where Martha tells Castle that he messed up.

Best dialogue | This was tough because we felt there was some good dialogue in this episode. But the top piece goes to Ryan’s quip about Beckett.

Honorable dialogue mentions | Ryan again with the hepatitis bit. Beckett imitating Castle. And lastly, Alexis’ speech to her dad at the end.

Going forward | In “Like Father, Like Daughter”, Alexis turns to her dad for help when someone she’s befriended because of a program she’s involved with is 72 hours away from his execution. She believes in his innocence but she’s run out of time to clear his name. Father and daughter work together to either prove this man’s innocence or seal his date with the executioner. The pre-episode teases say that this a bonding episode where the two talks about what it means to be family. It would be an interesting twist if Alexis tells her dad to not go down the same path he went with Gina and not include her in the “family unit.”

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