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“Driven” – In the Season 6 finale, as Richard Castle drove to his much-anticipated nuptials, an ominous black SUV bore down on him. Meanwhile, after waiting in vain for Castle to arrive at the wedding, Beckett was called to an accident scene to find Castle’s car in a ravine, engulfed in flames. Who or what caused the car crash? Is there any way Castle could have survived? The episode will pick-up at the scene of that accident, right where the finale left off, in a premiere that promises to put Beckett through the toughest case of her career.

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[dropcap type=”3″]W[/dropcap]here do I begin with this recap. I won’t bore you with a recap of where last season left off. I’m sure most of us remember quite well how the sixth season ended. The episode picks up immediately where the season left off and the crew quickly ascertains Castle wasn’t in the car and dragged off by at least two people. Good to know, but I sure was worried. Smirk.

Believe or not |  Contrary to what you are about the read, in terms of season openers, it’s a decent attempt but it lacks in some areas. It’s how you’re supposed to start off season openers, I’m just not sure if waiting till the seventh season to explore a main character is exactly the best time. It’s something that should have happened five seasons ago. But it’s happening now so the only thing we can do is go along for the ride. I’m game, I’m in this for the long haul.

And what was that shocking twist | I’m not sure what exactly the shocking twist was—but it’s one of a few things: (1) Castle having dengue fever; (2) Castle being shot; (3) Castle not having any memory of what happened; or, (4) Henry Jenkins turning up to be some old guy. Personally, I’m hedging toward something I didn’t list, which was Castle actually being the one to plant the money in the dumpster. But I couldn’t care less. I wasn’t impressed. It was, say it with me now, predictable.

The case of the week | No dead bodies this time around but rather missing Castle is the COTW. It follows the standard formula used by –insert name of show–. There are lot of questions and misdirections that come up. But honestly, a lot of comes across as a meager attempt to create angst for the purpose of creating a new mythology. I like the Castle character and I want to know what draws him to murder, but you don’t need to re-invent the wheel to do so. And this is where this episode misses the beat to a certain extent.

Payouts and old enemies | During the course of the investigation, the team finds out Castle paid $10G to have the SUV that ran him off the road destroyed which leads the Scooby gang sans one to think unnice things about mystery novelist turned amateur sleuth. The usual suspects—including Bracken, 3XK (Beckett happened to have a copy of the case file?), and the mob dude from that episode which shall never be uttered in my presence, ever, all make the list. Of course, Beckett quickly discredits them almost as quickly as she comes up with the list (just there for mere purpose of the writers not knowing what else to do, I guess). No, her faith in Castle not running off is too much to shake (that comes later) for to accept the fact he may just simply had cold feet. It’s pretty obvious that whoever is behind this, is someone new and unseen in the Castle world.

Castle is found sans his marbles | We were lied to when we were told he wouldn’t have amnesia. Amnesia simply isn’t a trauma that wipes the memory banks clean but rather can be trauma induced,or as was opined in the episode, drug-induced. In other words, you can have amnesia but not remember an accident. This is what Castle has. He remembers the accident but nothing more after that. Oh well. Beckett gets a distrusting nature about her—that unshakable detective thing going on—kicks in but quickly heals itself. But not before she settles back into trying to make sense of it all.

What is making Beckett unsettled | For a show that has had its two lead characters nearly blown up, drowned, frozen to death, poisoned, shot, kidnapped, tortured, framed for murder and nearly tossed off the side of the building, what the hell more could they go through? Because if that doesn’t pull two people closer together, then I don’t know what well. So for Beckett to be unsettled about anything is obnoxious, stupid, contrived and purely done because the show’s producers need to stall for some warped reason—oh, new mythology.

They weren’t lying about the questions | Nothing irritates me more than ending an episode with questions. And this episode is packed full of them. And to me, making a viewer wait is just setting yourself up for disaster. We’ll see by episode two where this lands. I have a feeling that if the post-analysis of the the first two episodes don’t meet the expectations of what the network and show producers thought, it’ll go away as quickly Sully from season six.

Where’s this leading too | If I had to go conspiracy theory here, I’d said this is leading up to some sort of way to backdoor Derrick Storm. After all, ABC can’t be developing a series if he didn’t really exist in the Richard Castle world. Somewhere Derek is lurking in the shadows. This whole episode smells of a Jason Bourne-ish attempt at creating something they hope fans will sink their teeth into. Or maybe Castle is Storm and he killed the character off because he wanted to get out of the spy biz.


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  1. Questions, Questions. The writers have posed many of them to start fans thinking of all the possible scenarios. I like DRIVEN and am all in to see this new mythology take hold. Stana Katic makes things easier for me to watch when things get so twisted. She bolts out those expressions and wears Beckett’s heart on her sleeve and I can see her love for Castle shining through and it makes me believe in them and that good things will finally come their way. Great acting by the whole cast as usual.

  2. Honestly, I enjoyed the whole show from start to finish. Sure it left us with more questions and a twist but we all know that this is what the writers of this tv show are all about. How many seasons have we had to deal with an ending that ended with a ton of questions? Personally, I think the show deserves more than just a 2.8 rating. That’s just me. Because all the actors did amazing, sure there was a plot twist (which I loved!), and sure it left us with a bunch of questions but it made us sit on the end of our seats, made us go through numerous emotions! I do think at some point they’ll do a series based off castle, cause if you ask me ABC did a crappy job in advertising and promoting castle I don’t necessarily know why but that’s a different story lol. Overall I enjoyed the whole show and this did push Beckett to the brink because to her right now Castle just got cold feet and left. She wants answers and I’m looking forward to how they unravel this!

  3. This show was great until up to the end where you have Castle and Beckett sitting on the edge of the bed and that they are going have to figure this out together. Really! We are going to play this game that Beckett can’t trust Castle anymore. I say if she got over of all the things that Castle was accused for in season 5 and episode 5 than why is she so doubtful at this? I say continue on with the Romance and lets get this couple married off. You can still have exciting episodes even if they are married. GEEESH!!!

  4. This episode didn’t entertainment me as much as one would have thought. I don’t get all the excitement over this episode. It almost seems to me like the writers are grasping at straws. What if this doesn’t work? What are they going to do then? I was confused throughout this episode. Too many questions, not enough answers. And too many twists. It lost me half-way through and I stopped caring.

  5. I love your recaps. Too many fans are ready to just love the episodes no matter how good or bad they actually are. I’m a fan and will watch until the show is off the air, but some of these episodes have been less than stellar. I actually fell asleep in the middle of “Clear and Present Danger.” (I’ll admit, it was mainly Benadryl induced, but still…). Thanks for showing that even fans of the show can have their beef with some of the crap going on in each episode.


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