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“Danger” plagued by story miscues and a semi-quasi-plot ripped from the EP’s own feature film

When a pool shark is murdered by an unseen force, Castle and Becket uncover evidence that the killer may have paranormal powers. Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett attempt to get their lives back to normal following his disappearance.

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A few things first | Gone are the days of the smart and intelligent Castle stories. I miss those days where the cases made sense. Much  like with the two preceding episodes, I didn’t hate it. I didn’t love it. The story didn’t work for me. I have hopes for Hanning’s episode. But I’ve learned not to set my bar of expectations too high for this show.

What worked for me | The relationship between Castle and Beckett was spread throughout the episode and aside from the interruptions (see below), it was a welcome change. The fact that they actually felt like a couple is a good thing. The fact that Creasey’s seem to be only real writers who can actual write the relationship as authentic is troublesome. It’s too bad they resorted to the silly interruptions. (I’ll forgive the phone call interruption.) So, did you read this paragraph? It’s the only thing that worked. The interactions between Castle and Beckett—all them and not just the loft scenes.

Stupid interruptions | Last week, it was a dog and Castle kissed Gates. This time it’s a phone call and Martha. I suppose the fact that they finally had their chance at the end of the episode shouldn’t have come as a complete surprise. Though, kudos to using pots and pans as a booby trap. And the line “And you thought zombie apocalypse training camp was a waste of time,” was a bit funny. My advice to Castle and Beckett, if you want to get intimate, go to Beckett’s apartment. It could be their own secret love nest. I knew there was a reason they kept her apartment!

The case | Apparently there’s a cloak of invisibility. Not sure where to rank this case because I grew disinterested (for a second week in a row) and found it incredibly formulaic. It’s par for the course, I guess. I miss the old cases of supernatural stuff (“Vampire Weekend”) where the writing was witty and made sense. I get it, the show doesn’t take itself seriously but at the end of the day, people like engaging cases and this episode misses the mark. Albeit, not as bad as say last week’s.

Ploticus devicius | My old Latin friend has returned. The key card was conveniently left behind (in police dramas where things like evidence is taken seriously it wouldn’t have been) in the victim’s apartment. It served only as a purpose so as to put Beckett and Castle into the apartment so they could have a run in with the killer. And the second problem, the DVD. Where did it go? Why was it taken? Or maybe it was mentioned in the scene were I dozed off. You know, the NYPD better get a better handle on its evidence room.

Other points | Ryan has a second job and Esposito teased him about it. By the way, $250K? Good lord! Are NY state schools that expensive? Doesn’t New York have a savings plan? Why do I get the feeling that’s going to back around. I suppose they should get points for that because it might seem awkward if one of the characters had a second job that came out of the blue and it so happened that a case involving said second job comes up in a future episode. But it’ll be forgotten as easily was it was mentioned. See above.

Low-tech trumps high-tech | Hard to imagine but defeating the killer came down to a fire extinguisher. Through, I would have liked to have seen Beckett kick a little more ass in this episode.

On to next week | It was a great relief to know that it wasn’t Beckett going undercover as a teacher. I’d rather see Castle trying to teach a class than Beckett. I’ve always liked Hanning’s episodes.


  1. I actually thought for most of the castle fandom this episode was a definite “loved it!” And to me it was and from others as well they seemed to love as you said the interactions of Beckett and castle. I loved the interruptions I thought they were hilarious. The case they were dealing with was as we all know something castle loves. I thought it didn’t lack anything as far as being uninteresting at any point. Honestly, I enjoyed the whole episode there was no dull moment for me! I can’t wait to see castle go undercover next week. I am really glad that it isn’t Beckett. It would’ve been funny if it were epso or Ryan though haha! But all in all can’t wait for the next episode!


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