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A few things first | Where do I begin? If weren’t the fact that this was a Hanning episode and directed by a new person to the Castle team and a semi-interesting take on Castle becoming a private investigator, this episode might have stunk to royal high heaven. But like all the other episodes this season of the the past three seasons (back to season five), this episode had it’s problems. Once again, the show’s problems are internal behind the lens and not necessarily what is going on in front of it. That said, here go the back-half of Castle season seven!

The case of the week | A young pre-school administrator walks into her swanky apartment where’s she’s popped by some big bad. Throughout the case, which was handled quite well until the very end, there’s a few twists and turns. It was classic-Castle in that they threw a couple of suspects out there and had our heros take few wrong turns before finally, even if out-of-the-blue, figuring it all out in the end. I had a problem with ending in that is kind of a head to the side with a “huh” thrown in. I get it, it’s TV but there’s no excuse for chopping off (or leaving out) crucial information that lets the viewer figure it out right along with you. Eh, whatever. I’ve come to expect it at this point so I’m not as worked up about it as I nearly should be.

Big and little Castle bonding | I’m not a big fan of Alexis, but I don’t hate her either. I found her scenes in this episode a nice way to have a little father-daughter bonding that’s been sorely missing over the past season. It reminded me of what made this so show good. And since I don’t view theorizing between KB and RC leading to sex, this didn’t creep me out. But it was awkward. Especially considering…

Castle as a P.I. | For someone who’s investigated cases along side some of the NYPD’s finest for the past six years, color me silly when he was almost but not quite inept as his new gig. But that’s what’s endearing about it. He’s not perfect. If he was perfect, then I’d really take issue. He stumbled along the way, got pepper sprayed for his troubles and may have bitten off more than he can chew. But if I needed something solved? I’d probably hire Castle. He’ll come into this own eventually.

The new & temporary dynamic | Let’s be honest, no one really believes this whole private investigator thing is going to last much beyond three episodes. A well-written that’s clearly defined (something the show is famously not known for), can last a season. But in reality, I bet this thing is done by 7×13 with 7×15 being the way back into the precinct. Kind of like now “Number One Fan” was for Beckett in season six. The inherent danger, however, is making it a game between the Castle and Beckett. Stuff that like that has a limited shelf life. There’s only so so many ways you can spin that bottle.

Last but not least | I think anyone worried about Castle and Beckett not working together  needs to have a nice long bubble bath with a rubber ducky. Think back to when you were a kid and didn’t have a care in the world. Isn’t that a nice thought? Nothing to worry about? But it comes back to around to this “direction” after booting Castle from the NYPD. It was a natural step that doesn’t come off as awkward. And it was Jim Adler, who’s only got two episodes under his belt, who came up with it. Kudos to the new guy! My overall impressions of this episode was positive and it’s better than most of the offerings this season. Is the show on an upward swing? Don’t know. Talk to me after 7×13 and we’ll see.

And a love that’s gone too far | I don’t like having my emotions used as a tool. Just know when you’re emotions are being used a gimmicky filler scene that serves no real purpose or doesn’t move the story forward. It’ll save you grief when they suddenly forget they’re a couple again. We have a saying in the writer’s world: Ploticus Devicius.


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  1. I think Gates will be instrumental in getting him back. The one scene where they all were all talking in front of the murder board and her looking on. She looked a little sentimental. She was great in this ep.
    Great use of Perlmutter, considering his dislike of Castle. All of that was hilarious. Ring around the dead body. Lol
    Loves this ep gave it an A. It was all I hoped for.

  2. Gates watched Castle be so involved and into the case and she knows he is a real asset to the 12th. I also think that she will be instrumental in getting him back onboard with the gang in the precinct. I have to say that this episode just resonated with me. I loved everything about it and laughed throughout the entire show. The script was clever and the sexy theory building is a real fan favorite. I gave 7×11 an A for awesome.


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