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BOOK NEWS—The next installment of the Nikki Heat series is set to be released in September. Driving Heat sees newly promoted Captain Nikki Heat sees her days filled with busy work but when a challenging cases comes through the precinct doors it proves to be challenging both professionally and personally.

Driving Heat is set to be released 9.15.2015.
Driving Heat is set to be released 9.15.2015.

The last thing Nikki Heat expected when she received her promotion to captain of the NYPD was how much Rook’s proud look from the audience made her want him. Throughout the ceremony she had been dignified, attentive, focused, and deeply moved. But toward the end, as she relaxed from the formal constraints and propriety required of her for the program, she clutched her new gold badge, surveyed the rows of family and friends in the auditorium, and found her fiancé.

And wanted him.

In the cab back to his place, when Nikki was telling Rook about how the Heroes video they played, narrated by James Earl Jones, made her cry, she caught him staring, just listening intently to her recount her experience, and thought of taking him right there. Then he held her gaze in a way that told her he felt it, too.

The unspoken heat of their longing and the eagerness of anticipation on an elevator ride to his Tribeca loft was nothing new. All that and plenty more crackled between them on their slow rise leaning against opposite corners of the rattling beast. But this time, inside the industrial lift’s sexually charged atmosphere, the eye games and the frank appraisals and the transparency of desire grew thick enough to take on life. Decorum vanished, giving way to animal impulse.

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