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RATINGS—Castle’s final numbers for “The Time of Our Lives” ended up at 1.6 with 9.52 million viewers for the night, making it a solid second against The Blacklist and NCIS: Los Angeles. The Nov. 10 episode for The Blacklist was also the fall finale before it heads to Thursday’s next year. And come Nov. 17, NBC will premiere State of Affairs. How Castle will do against the new series is anyone’s guess. While CBS’s Madame Security isn’t a “ratings” hit, it’s definitely got a future giving NBC’s State of Affairs a chance at similar success. After all, MS only has to outrun the other guys at NBC and not do better than Castle or NCIS: LA.

Here’s a look at the ratings for the first six episodes this year compared to the first six episodes last year:

Ep # S7 Demo S7 Views S6 Demo S6 Views
1 2.1 10.49 2.2 11.46
2 1.9 9.62 2.2 10.88
3 1.9 9.17 1.9 10.54
4 1.5 8.82 2.2 11.11
5 1.6 8.75 1.9 10.59
6 1.6 9.52 2.1 10.69
AVG 1.77 9.395 2.08 10.878
% +/- -15% -14%


Source: Nielsen Media Research

For those DVR ratings lovers, here’s what that looks like:

Ep # S7 Demo S7 Views S6 Demo S6 Views
1 3.0 14.579 3.4 15.92
2 3.0 14.149 3.3 15.04
3 3.0 13.475 3.2 15.00
4 2.7 13.102 3.4 15.14
AVG 2.9 13.826 3.3 15.27
% +/- -12% -9%

Source: Nielsen Media Research

December episodes have traditionally rated lower for the series and with two episodes this season, it is possible the series could hit lower than the 1.5 in the demo scene for “Child’s Play.”

The question on every Castle’s mind is the series in trouble. The answer to that is “probably not.” It’s right in the middle of the pack in terms of where it ranks on ABC’s schedule. But the downside to all of this it is also in the final year of its talent contracts. New contracts means more money and the cost of production can double fairly quickly. The network then has to weight the cost against syndication money and other revenue. While the show has the advantage of tied-in book sales and a better-than-average time-shifted viewing boosts (the commercial ratings which sets ad rates), it makes it certainly more favorable to the network. But it’s not the final determining factor.

Right now, most places have Castle has a safe bet for renewal, if the network reaches deals with the primary talent: Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. And if they do, keep in mind a significant increase in pay could lead to losing one or more secondary characters to justify the cost. And since the show hasn’t done a good enough job on developing backstories for the other characters, everyone outside of Fillion and Katic could find themselves looking for work come seasons end. That’s the nature of the business but it would also change the dynamic of the show significantly.

Predict the ratings for “Once Upon a Time in the West”

When Castle and Beckett learn that a murder victim may have been poisoned at an Old West-style resort, they visit the resort posing as newlyweds to uncover the truth.

Predict the ratings for "Once Upon a Time in the West"?

  • 1.5 (4%, 6 Votes)
  • 1.6 (11%, 16 Votes)
  • 1.7 (16%, 24 Votes)
  • 1.8 (15%, 22 Votes)
  • 1.9 (53%, 78 Votes)

Total Voters: 146

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  1. I don’t think the almighty dollar for Nathan and Stana would be at the cost a losing one of it’s long time cast members. I just don’t think they would allow that to happen in their quest for an astronomical amount of a pay increase. Yes, money talks, but at the expense of a fellow colleque losing their job? I would hope not. Nathan and Stana and the whole cast deserve raises after a 7 year contract.


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