Preview: “The G.D.S.”


Castle returns to the City of Angels in search of answers about his missing time. But things take a deadly turn when he’s recruited by the legendary Greatest Detective Society to help solve a murder.

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What do we know about Castle’s disappearance so far?

Shortly before he was to marry Kate Beckett, Richard Castle was ran off the road and supposedly kidnapped to carry out a secret mission to secure an intelligence asset in the fight against terrorism. His travels include a visits to Los Angeles, Montreal and Thailand. He was also shot and was infected with Dengue fever. He was eventually discovered floating in a dinghy in the Atlantic.

Two weeks of his time are accounted for: Thailand where he was reportedly recruited by a government agency, possibly the CIA, to bring in Balil Jafari, a former member of Pakastani intelligence who went to the dark side. Jafari and Castle have a history, hence why the mystery writer was brought into the operation.

We also know that Castle had the SUV that ran him off the road destroyed by one his mob connections. Castle was also caught on tape making a dead drop of several thousand dollars in a dumpster.

Whatever was going on, also led Castle to make several “good-bye” videos which were recovered from a safety deposit box in Montreal.

In season eight, Castle gets a flashback to being in Koreatown in Los Angeles. In “The G.D.S.” Castle, Alexis and Hayley head to the City of Angels in search of clues.

Characters to look out for:

  • Henry Jenkins (real name unknown)
  • Phil Bartlett
  • Balil Jafari
  • Vincent Cardano
  • Bank Manager (from “Montreal”)


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