Predict the ratings for “Resurrection”


Predict the ratings for "Resurrection"

  • 1.3 (20%, 36 Votes)
  • 1.4 (33%, 60 Votes)
  • 1.5 (16%, 29 Votes)
  • 1.6 (32%, 58 Votes)

Total Voters: 183

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RATINGS NEWS—Castle posted a 1.4 in the key demo with 7.41 million viewers for the week with “I, Witness.” It was down 31% in demo and 17.3% in audience over last year when “Dressed to Kill” aired. CBS’s NCIS: LA was the clear winner for the night across the board. Since The Blacklist closed out its fall finale in November, the NCIS-spin-off has steadily ticked up in the ratings, not surprising since both shows draw the same demo. It’s not worth mentioning State of Affairs because it’s basically dying a slow death. It definitely wasn’t the hit NBC thought it would be.

The Bachelor hit a season high with 2.5 in the key demo and bested Castle in audience for the first time in two seasons with 8.45 million to the crime drama’s 7.41 million.

When comparing to last year when matched with The BachelorCastle was a 2 rating with 9.337 million and the reality show was averaging 2.4 with 8.08 million viewers. This year, it is 1.4 with 7.26 million and 2.13 with 7.513 million. In terms of year-to-year drops, it’s a 30 percent drop in the key demo and 22 percent drop for Castle while The Bachelor is only down about 11% in demo and 7% in viewers.

Just because I know people will say you’re only looking at one season, I went back into my files and pulled the numbers for season five, even though you rarely look back at anything beyond the previous season’s numbers. Castle improved during the same frame in season six over season 5 by 5 percent in demo and 4 percent in viewers.  The Bachelor was down 3 percent in demo but up 5 percent in audience.

Season Five Ratings
Season 6 Ratings
Season 7 Ratings


What does all this mean and should you really care and be concerned

Should anyone be worried? No. Why? Because it doesn’t matter what the live ratings are or the DVR ratings, or even how well the show does overseas and in syndication. What matters are the rarely seen and reported commercial ratings (C3 and C7). Those numbers are generally in-line with the live ratings. Why? How many of you who watch shows on later on DVR actually watch the commercials. And if you have Dish, you can blow by them with no problem in many cases. Why are networks selling ads based on the C7 model and why are advertisers willing to pay? Because there’s also a person that does watch those commercials.

When a network decides whether or not to renew a show it’s based on many factors. No amount of outside merchandising can guarantee that the show will go on because after this season, the cost of production jumps and that’s when the network starts to look at the overall bottom line. It’s basic principles of business 101.


I highly recommend reading these articles not only to better educate yourself on ratings, you don’t have to understand them to make yourself at least look like you know what you’re talking about when you do.  And saves the Cancel Bear from getting into a frenzy.

TVBN stated earlier in the season that Castle‘s renewal is based on contracts and maintaining a low-cost production. Ratings wise? It’s doing better than most dramas on the network. Plus, ABC is poised to cancel three dramas already (ResurrectionRevenge and Forever) and are unlikely to cancel a fourth. The fact that the show is an in-house production and doesn’t do big extravagant sets works to the network’s advantage to keep production costs on the lowside.



  1. You put intelligence into the fandom. I can’t say the same for some in this fandom who get called out and tossed under the bus by experts. I for one don’t think this episode is going to fare well. The 3XK episodes aren’t exactly stellar. I hope the wrap up this uninteresting storyline.


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