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My car needs a $1300 repair — please help. You can donate here.

Normally I would not use the website for such a call, but I’m at a breaking point right now. If you follow me on Twitter then you know what’s going on. My car — aptly named Beckett — is in the repair shop with a $1300 repair coming my way this week. I had a major mechanical malfunction on the car that requires parts to be manufactured (hence why it’s so costly) to get it back running.

The long story short — I have no money. I have student loans and other bills. I can’t afford this. If you’ve been in my situation then you know the pain I’m in right now. You the physical and emotional toll this has on someone. I’ve had multiple breakdowns since Friday (including a big one at work).

In November, a group of you came together and donated $200 to help me get my brakes fixed. That was awesome. Now, more than ever I need help again. I used all my savings in January when my car battery died—and because of the type of car it is, it needed a heavy duty battery which was very costly. I had just rebuilt that after the brake issue in November. So this is a big hit.

I need $650 by Monday, February 12th to pay for half the repairs. I’m near that total now with my own money and the donations over the last few days. But I’d like to get the payment plan down even further.

Even if you can’t donate—share the link. It helps. More than you know.

You can donate here on my GoFundMe page.


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