Official Twitter Accounts

Many of the cast and crew are very active on Twitter. And many of them crew post exclusive behind-the-scene photos of scene set-ups or general life on the set. Word of note: Crew photos rarely contain photos of the cast and if they do, they are also done with permission. So if you see a photo, don’t assume it’s the actor unless the person who posted it says it is. 

CC’s Twitter-itiquette when dealing with the cast and crew from CASTLE:

  1. Do not say mean things to the cast and crew—in other words think before send it out. Don’t say things like “oh, this direction sucks.” Just. Don’t. Do. It. Many of the official staff are gracious enough to interact fans, don’t burn that bridge simply because you got an issue.
  2. Always thank for them for posting stuff. 
  3. They know we love them, so you don’t really need to Tweet it to them. But this is more a guideline than anything else. 99.9% they probably won’t see it.
  4. DO. NOT. EVER. BEG for behind-the-scene stuff.
  5. Don’t Tweet and expect a response.
  6. Don’t be obnoxious with your tweets.

Follow the official Twitter of the show: @Castle_ABC

Official Cast (Current Series Regulars):

Tamala Jones @TamalaJones
Stana Katic @StanaKatic
Nathan Fillion @NathanFillion
Jon Huertas @JonHuertas
Seamus Dever @SeamusDever
Molly Quinn @MollyQuinn93
Susan Sullivan @realssullivan
Toks Olagundoye @ToksOlagundoye (Hayley, season 8)
Sunkrish Bala @sunkrishbala (Virkam Singh, season 8)


Alexi Hawley @AlexiHawley
Terence Paul Winter @oldmanwinter14
Rob Hanning @RobHanning
Chad G. Creasey @ChadGCreasey
Adam Frost @AFrostBite23
Jim Adler @jimadler
Michal Zebede @michalzebede (new season 8)
Barry O’Brien @BarryJo1O (new season 8)
Robert Bella @brooklynbella (new season 8)
Nancy Kiu @NancySan (new season 8)
Steph Hicks @Sticks919 (Writer’s Assistant)
Nick Hurtwitz @hickhurtwitz (Writer’s Assistant, new season 8)


Castle Art Department @CastleArtDept
Luke Reichele (Costume Designer) @RedCarpetLuke
Robert Duncan (Composer) @robertduncanmx
Andrew Bikichhky (CC): @AndrewBikichky