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THE ROOKIE “CRASH COURSE”—ABCs The Rookie is improving story-wise, and that’s a good thing. In this episode we learn more about the characters. In the pilot, it was revealed that Nolan is living in the guest house of a former college friend. We also learn more about Jackson West and we are beginning to see him as a cop. It’s small steps for the rookie legend, but he is getting there. The second episode also gets points for continuity. It picks up in the same first week as the pilot episode and Officer Bradford is still on leave after being shot in the pilot episode.

The Overview | Training Officer Bishop is aiming to knock Nolan’s years of life-experience out of him. As much as it can be helpful in certain situations, it can also be a hindrance and obstacle out on the job. Sergeant Grey still wants Nolan gone from the department and is using everything in his toolbox to get it done. This week’s case-of-the-week starts after Nolan accidentally hits a woman in his black-and-white police SUV. She ran out in front of him, so technically it’s not his fault. Nolan takes a personal interest in this case which is understandable because he is human, he can’t turn that part of his brain just off. The woman was escaping from a sex trafficking ring.

Bishop warns Nolan about getting personally involved in cases. But it’s clear, this case gets under Nolan’s skin. Together with Bishop the track the suspect down which almost turns deadly because they approach a neighbor’s house not knowing it is the suspect’s house.

The suspect fires a shot gun at Nolan. He then goes into the house alone leaving Bishop locked out. Nolan finds a woman chained up in the home of the basement. He’s about to free her when he is bashed in the head by the suspect. Bishop’s timing distracts the suspect enough, but he gets away.

Chen and her temporary training office arrive. Chen and Nolan chase after the suspect. They get their guy.

While there were no congratulations from the sergeant the captain praises (somewhat) Nolan and Bishop for a job well done.

Other things of note | There are three other storylines in this episode. Each storyline acts as it should, letting the viewer get to know the characters a bit more. All the storylines serve their purpose and do so effectively.

The first is Officer Chen’s temporary training officer. He’s the cop that every department has—doing the minimal work possible and go home safe. The slowness of this guy is getting on her nerves. She wants action but this guy, he would rather write tickets in the suburbs than do actual police work.

The second story line deals with Officer West and the story about his freezing up in the pilot episode when he and his Training Officer Lopez came under fire. Lopez needs to know if West is going to hold up under pressure. She puts him through a serious of tests, including taking down a guy high on PCP and a Neo-Nazi. He’s successful, which lessens her concerns a tad but there’s still more that needs to be done in her eyes to feel confident in the rookie.

The third story is one that will eventually unravel and that’s the relationship between Nolan and Chen. Bishop already knows and it’s a good bet other people know about it as well.

And another thing | Nolan and police cruisers aren’t getting along. The episode starts off with Nolan and Bishop in hot pursuit where he promptly trashes the SUV. The sergeant rips him a new one. And they damage a second cruiser which prompts the motor pool to give Bishop and Nolan a 1980s era black-and-white. Bishop wrecks the second one when she backs in the sex trafficking suspect’s house to rescue Nolan when he gets in a bit over his head.

Where did I see you before | Something that was left the pilot episode review was the actress who plays the captain on the series. She’s a former Castle guest star. Mercedes Mason was in the episode “He’s Dead, She’s Dead.” Danni Nucci was a detective in this episode. He was a detective in Castle as well. Nucci is credited in two episodes “Sucker Punch” and “Love Me Dead.” Expect other former Castle guest stars to show up judging from the cast list for upcoming episodes.



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