Contributor Submissions

Contributor Submission

While we accept “news articles” everything will be verified and must include source links. Anything that links illegitimate websites (that list is private but it’s quite long) will be not be considered. Most of the time we will write news articles (worthy of publication) ourselves. But there maybe an occasion when we will accept unsolicited news articles. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO EDIT ANY ARTICLE. 

Tips for making your article more likely to get published:

  • Please make sure you edit your article thoroughly for punctuation and grammar (no one is perfect, the NY Times generally has a dozen grammatical errors everyday).
  • Please limit your submission 800 words or less.
  • When writing, refrain from using “slang” and pet names for cast, crew and fandom references in your article.
  • You credit all sources.
  • You may only use brief snippets (credited) from reputable news sources. Plagiarism is not allowed and your article will not be considered for publication.

Your submission will appear under a generic contributor name of “Website Contributor” but a byline will appear before the main text of the article.

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By submitting content you agree to allow Castle Chronicles to use your name on the article and for all promotion purposes. You agree that by submitting content as a contributor you are not a staff writer and will not present yourself as a staff writer to any media outlet, cast member, crew member, or any other entity.