The Checklist

Sergeant Gray informs the rookies that they must track down a specific set of crimes in a 48-hour period in order to qualify for their final exam. Meanwhile, Officer Nolan and Officer Bishop answer a silent alarm call at’s house.

Recap: Homefront

There are two main storylines: first is Nolan getting sued and the second is a case hits close to home for Talia after one of LAPD’s own is arrested sets free then felons. The boots and the TO’s are tasked with keeping tabs on him.


When one of their colleagues is arrested by Internal Affairs for lying on the witness stand, it leads to the release of three felons whose cases he worked on and the team being asked to check in on them now that they are free. Meanwhile, Officer Nolan finds out he is being sued by a man who claims he used excessive force which led to an injury.

Recap: The Shake Up

Jessica sets Nolan up for a protection detail. Bradford offers to go with him. The asset (Joel McHale) is a jerk. The guy is a former border agent who allegedly took money to smuggle people across the border and into the country—he also smuggled criminals into Mexico.

The Shake Up

A massive earthquake rocks the city and throws everyone’s patrols and its citizens into chaos. Meanwhile, agent Russo (Sarah Shahi) recommends Officer Nolan for a protective detail of Brad Hayes (Joel McHale), a man whose dealings have put a target on his head.

Recap: Greenlight

The LAPD is on a full-court press when Nolan is targeted by a gang for "disrespecting" the leader's girlfriend.


Officer Nolan gets a lesson in respect after his arrest of a gang member leads to a free-for-all on his life. Meanwhile, Officer Chen and Officer Bradford pull over Mario Lopez, who thinks he can talk his way out of a traffic violation.

Recap: Manhunt

A prison transport crashes and the cops are the manhunt for those who escape. Nolan finds the bus driver who is fatally injured. He is with him when the driver dies. But when takes a moment, one of the escaped prisoners attacks Nolan. He’s able to get away. At the same time, Bradford and Chen capture one of the escaped fugitives. That makes a total of five missing. The officers fan out over the city looking the escaped prisoners. The city practically goes on lockdown looking for them.


When a prison bus crashes, all units must respond as some inmates face severe injuries while others seek an opportunity to flee. In the wake of the accident, Officer Nolan tries to impress an FBI hostage negotiator while tracking down an escaped convict.

Recap: Plain Clothes Day

It’s plain clothes day. The boots will be observed by the TOs who will be in plain clothes. The boots are to act like the TOs are not in the car with them. It’s all about making sound choices and controlling your environment.

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