Recap: Greenlight

The LAPD is on a full-court press when Nolan is targeted by a gang for "disrespecting" the leader's girlfriend.

Recap: Homefront

There are two main storylines: first is Nolan getting sued and the second is a case hits close to home for Talia after one of LAPD’s own is arrested sets free then felons. The boots and the TO’s are tasked with keeping tabs on him.

Recap: Time of Death

Nolan chases a robbery suspect into a house. The suspect points a gun at Nolan. He has no choice but to shoot the suspect, killing him. Nolan picks Sgt. Grey as his companion officer to guide him through the shooting investigation process.

Recap: The Checklist

Both Chen and West have a list of items they need to “check off” before they can move to the next phase of their rookie training. Nolan lucked out because Bishop started him off and running by making him the primary. A bulk of the episode focuses on Chen and West completing their lists.

Recap: The Standoff

Nolan and the suspect’s brother fight. He knocks the guy out. Chen is still there at the house. She didn’t tell the shooting investigation team about her and Nolan’s relationship. She leaves before the police arrive. Nolan is informed that he is cleared in the shooting. But there is another investigation into the incident at the house. Nolan is assigned desk duty.

Recap: Free Fall

The Boots are studying for their examination when they stop a robbery at a food truck. The next morning, Nolan wakes up next to Jessica and they talk about her new job at Homeland Security. He wants her to meet Henry but she seems unsure about it and Nolan can sense it.

Recap: Caught Stealing

The boots learn about being honest both on the job and off it in this week’s episode—no freebies, no shortcuts, or breaks. But the other lesson is you can’t predict what happens in the field. More importantly, when it comes to police to work not everything is black and white on the job. It’s all about being honest.

Recap: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Another Castle alum is making their way back to a Nathan Fillion show. Elizabeth Davis Beall is a co-executive producer on the show. Some...

Recap: Plain Clothes Day

It’s plain clothes day. The boots will be observed by the TOs who will be in plain clothes. The boots are to act like the TOs are not in the car with them. It’s all about making sound choices and controlling your environment.

Recap: The Hawke

Nolan visits with Jeremy Hawke, an instructor at the Police Academy. The guy is a dinosaur in terms of police procedure. More brawn than brains. But his personal life is a mess. This is one of the reasons why Nolan bonded with him at the academy. They’re close in age and have had similar life struggles.

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