The Pilot

As the force’s oldest rookie, Nolan is met with skepticism from some higher-ups who see him as just a walking midlife crisis. When you throw in a workplace romance, a hostage situation and some tough love from their new training officers, the latest Los Angeles police rookie class has an uphill battle ahead of them.

Recap: Greenlight

The LAPD is on a full-court press when Nolan is targeted by a gang for "disrespecting" the leader's girlfriend.

Plain Clothes Day

The rookies are really put to the test when their training officers accompany them out of uniform for Plain Clothes Day, which forces them to make all the decisions while on patrol. Meanwhile, Officer Nolan tries to prove he has been progressing faster than the other rookies to justify his desire of becoming a detective within five years.

Recap: Heartbreak

Nolan rescues a woman shocked after crashing into an electrical pole. He brings her back to life. The woman shows up at the station house. She asks him out. Later on, Nolan and Bishop are called to a possible home invasion involving the same lady from the accident. She lost her military husband a year ago in action. She later shows up at Nolan’s anti-Valentine’s Day party. She tries to seduce Nolan and overdoses on drugs.


Danger is ever-present as the officers of the Mid-Wilshire precinct grapple with the aftermath of a plotted attack on the city of Los Angeles, leaving Officer Bradford fighting for his life. Flash forward two weeks and the rookies receive the shocking results of their latest training exam, leaving one officer questioning what the future holds. Meanwhile, tension develops at home as Nolan and Lopez advance in their relationships with Jessica and Wesley.

Recap: Redwood

An unscheduled visit by the vice president calls everyone back on patrol. Our guys are tasked with keeping an eye on things while Nolan and Bishop are asked to check in on a potential threat to the VP.

Crash Course

Talia forces Nolan to confront his personal moral instincts in order to be a good cop after he encounters a kidnapping victim. Meanwhile, Lucy is temporarily placed with a new training officer who tests her patience, and Jackson must confront his failures head-on if he wants to be an officer.

Recap: Pilot

THE ROOKIE—If you are thinking The Rookie is a Castle 2.0, try again. While there are some similarities: a middle-aged man seeks a new...

The Shake Up

A massive earthquake rocks the city and throws everyone’s patrols and its citizens into chaos. Meanwhile, agent Russo (Sarah Shahi) recommends Officer Nolan for a protective detail of Brad Hayes (Joel McHale), a man whose dealings have put a target on his head.

Recap: Manhunt

A prison transport crashes and the cops are the manhunt for those who escape. Nolan finds the bus driver who is fatally injured. He is with him when the driver dies. But when takes a moment, one of the escaped prisoners attacks Nolan. He’s able to get away. At the same time, Bradford and Chen capture one of the escaped fugitives. That makes a total of five missing. The officers fan out over the city looking the escaped prisoners. The city practically goes on lockdown looking for them.

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