Back home again with “Child’s Play”

”Child's Play" will probably be best described as the official start to season season seven where everyone has fallen into the normal routine. This episode is set up to be the standard Castle episode.

Preview: Castle “Driven”

It moves quickly. It is beautifully filmed. For the most part, it is well-directed. It doesn’t seem far-out or ridiculous. It features an extraordinary performance by Stana Katic. It has stubble and sunburn. It has good guys acting like jerks.

Connect with us on social media

As we draw closer to the seventh season premiere of Castle, here's a few options to connect with us at Castle Chronicles and also with other fans from around the world.

Scoop on sixth episodes asks a “What if” question

Scoop on the show's sixth episode poses a really big what if scenario for the characters. Fans should't be worried though, whatever the case is, it's a circumstance of the episode.

Castle ratings prediction and more

A little article on Castle's ratings going into the seventh season plus some comments on last season's ratings. There's a brief discussion on ratings in general.

On ‘Derrick Storm,’ ulterior motives and what viewers really want

As all Twitterdom leaps with joy at the very prospect of anything Castle-related continuing for years to come, the Jafars in the palace don’t see things quite as rosily.

The seven-year itch? Not here, please

When Castle is on its game, nothing is akin to it, with or without seven years of daily grind. It is different, so different that the television gods who determine the slots in which programs fit don’t really have a pigeonhole for this one. Good.

Don’t forget show history when thinking about the new mythlogy

It's important to remember show history when thinking about the upcoming season. Getting pulled and sucked into the pre-season looks and teases often lead to disappointments because these new and bold directions peter out after a few episodes.

Preview: Veritas

"Veritas" sets Beckett on a deadly collision course with Senator Bracken, the man responsible for her mother's death.

The Castle hiatus is not so unusual

The possibility of a three week break shouldn't catch anyone off guard. The show has a history of odd hiatus breaks during the season.

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Castle on TNT

If you're looking for Castle on TNT, it's no longer and it may not be returning to the network's lineup anytime soon.

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