Marlowe on Castle and Beckett’s future plus 100th episode

CASTLE's creator Andrew Marlowe sat down with Wetpaint Entertainment to talk about the 100th episode of CASTLE, "The Lives of Others" and what the future holds for the crime fighting duo. This is part two of a two-part exclusive interview that Wetpaint did.

Marlowe on “The Wild Rover”

We have a great storyline, we spent a lot of time mining all of our secondary characters’ backstory. We had a great Esposito episode earlier this year where he starts mentoring this kid in the middle of a case; I loved that episode, it was a lot of fun.’s preview of “The Wild Rover” has a preview of "The Wild Rover." The episode takes a look at Detective Kevin Ryan's past as an undercover cop in an Irish gang.

BuddyTV talks with Seamus Dever about “The Wild Rover” sat down with CASTLE's Seamus Dever to talk about Ryan's past in the episode "The Wild Rover."

Tamala Jones talks about 100th episode

It's always a historical mark when a series reaches the coveted 100th episode. Reaching the century mark is a pivotal moment for many shows and CASTLE is one of them. Tamala Jones (Lanie Parish) sat down with to talk about the emotional impact of filming the 100th episode, "The Lives of Others."

Marlowe talks family reunion between Castle and father

The conclusion to "Target" brought some unexpected surprises for Rick Castle. He goes off grid to rescue his daughter (bonus points for anyone who correctly guess who the real target was) in France and along the way meets the his father played by James Brolin. The casting of Brolin as Castle's father was perfect.

What role will the senator play in Castle’s season 5?

TVguide is buzzing with some new insight into the senator that Beckett will cross paths with in the upcoming season of Castle.

Castle books Supernatural alum for episode

An actor from the CW's Supernatural will stop by Castle in season five and the show's creator tease's the stakes are raised for Beckett as she continues her quest for justice for her mother's killer.

Season 5 Spoiler Preview

The premiere for season five of CASTLE is just a couple of months away, and like any good fan people want spoilers of what's...

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