Beckett goes undercover “In the Belly of the Beast”

Beckett will be undercover in the episode "In the Belly of the Beast" which is slated to air sometime in March.

Casting: Joshua Bitton to play Det. Sullivan

The Pacific's Joshua Bitton will join Castle's sixth season as Detective Frank "Sully" Sullivan.

Marlowe teases season 5’s final moments to Entertainment Weekly

CASTLE's creator Andrew W. Marlowe recently told Entertainment Weekly that he wanted to avoid that let's revisit the murder again routine with the fifth season.

TVLine’s latest scoop on ‘Castle’

TVLine has the latest scoop on Castle's upcoming season premiere.

Examiner: Lives of Others preview

It’s not going to be surprising at all if this coming Monday goes down as the day Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller killed the fandom for a second time. On March 29, ABC released a screener for the 100th episode of “Castle”, and there's a pretty good chance that "The Lives of Others” will become the most favorite episode of all-time for many fans. It’s just so good

Castle adds ‘Wire’ alum plus more to opener

The first major casting announce has been made for the new season. Julian Sands from "The Wire" will be guesting as a Hamptons police officer who assists Beckett in the immediate aftermath of the season six finale. Another addition is Jon Lindstrom, whose most recent work includes "General Hospital."

6×03 – Update ‘Saved by the Bell’ episode

The popular late 80s and early 90s sitcom about a group of kids in school (and later, college) is getting the CASTLE treatment.

TV Fanatic: Seamus Dever talks Ryan’s past, 100th episode

TVfanatic talks with Seamus Dever (Kevin Ryan) about his characters past and CASTLE's 100th episode.

TV Guide – Mega Buzz – April 16, 2013

The bumps that we've hinted at before will be exacerbated by two men who come into Beckett's life. First, Beckett will be assigned to protect multimillionaire inventor Erik Vaughn (Ioan Gruffudd) — in his private hotel penthouse. "If Castle aspired to be someone, he'd aspire to be this guy," creator Andrew W. Marlowe

What’s next for Castle and Beckett

Castle creator Andrew Marlowe talks with TVLine about what is in store for Castle and Beckett going forward into the Castle's sixth season.



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