Castle casting news & spoilers

The season eight premiere is less than a month away and while we are no closer to learning about the full scope of the two-part premiere, we are at least getting some information on what is coming up after the first two episodes.

Season six spoiler round up

As the season premiere draws closer, expect more spoilers to start floating to the surface. Most recent comes from TV Line. And there's a bit of discussion about a spin-off? Say what?

Spoilers: Season premiere news

The first details are emerging about the season premiere for "Castle." David Amann will be writing the episodes with Rob Bowman directing. The season premiere appears to be a contained episode in so far that there won't be a "to be continued" at the end.

Entertainment Weekly’s Spoiler Room – March 27, 2013

Sandra! Is the Castle 100th as good as everyone promises? SCOOP PLEASE! — Catherine | I’ll tell you this: Watching Castle hobble around on crutches is worth the price of admission alone, but there’s one moment in particular that earns the episode a 100 out of 100 in my book.

Seamus Dever teases Castle’s finale

Wetpaint sat down with Seamus Dever and asked out him about Castle's finale which airs May 13 on ABC.

‘Castle’ cast and crew talk about upcoming episodes

The Castle cast and crew about upcoming episodes. Articles may contain spoilers.

Spoilers: Driven and a trip to the wild, wild west

Some more scoop on Castle's seventh season premiere plus a look ahead to episode seven which will send Beckett, Castle, et al on a journey westward ho.

ABC releases sneak peek of 6×01

ABC releases first look at Castle's season premiere.

Preview: Hollander’s Woods

Castle will wrap up its seventh season Monday, May 15, 2015 with some answers that most fans have wondered since the show first premiered: What drove Richard Castle to become a mystery writer.

Marlowe on Castle and Beckett’s future plus 100th episode

CASTLE's creator Andrew Marlowe sat down with Wetpaint Entertainment to talk about the 100th episode of CASTLE, "The Lives of Others" and what the future holds for the crime fighting duo. This is part two of a two-part exclusive interview that Wetpaint did.

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