Triple episodes scheduled for ABC’s Castle

Good news for Castle fans, the week-later start date appears to have a happy ending. ABC is scheduling three new episodes to air in eight days.

First Look: Here comes the bride

TV Guide has a first look at what could very well be Beckett's wedding dress.’s preview of “The Wild Rover” has a preview of "The Wild Rover." The episode takes a look at Detective Kevin Ryan's past as an undercover cop in an Irish gang.

Wetpaint: Jocko Sims to play investigator on ‘Castle’ is reporting that Jocko Sims (Crash and Jarhead) has signed on to play Matt Hendricks, a young and driven investigator on the task force that Beckett was invited to join.

MegaBuzz: What’s up for Ryan in season 6

Going into the sixth season, fans can expect Detective Ryan to deal with becoming a father in ways that could change his relationship with Esposito.

BuddyTV talks with Seamus Dever about “The Wild Rover” sat down with CASTLE's Seamus Dever to talk about Ryan's past in the episode "The Wild Rover."

Seamus: Beckett will do what’s best for her

Seamus talks Castle's proposal and Beckett's answer.

’24’ alum to guest on ‘Castle’ is revealing that 24 veteran Glenn Morshower will guest in the second episode of CASTLE's sixth season.

More Esplanie, maybe Lanie backstory

Good news for Esplanie fans. Tamala Jones said that season six will explore the Lanie and Esposito relationship a bit more.

TV Fanatic: Seamus Dever talks Ryan’s past, 100th episode

TVfanatic talks with Seamus Dever (Kevin Ryan) about his characters past and CASTLE's 100th episode.

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