Previews: That ’70s Show

ABC has released a screener of the April 21 episode of 'Castle.' In the first of the final four episodes of season six, Castle and Beckett must replicate the 1970s to solve a murder.

Katic: If she drops the FBI gig, she’s a loser

The CASTLE cast will head back to work on July 8 for the promo photoshoot. And on the next day, the filming will start on sixth season. There are two major decisions looming for Detective Kate Beckett: The answer to Rick's question and the FBI job.

Sneak Peek: Bad Santa

Castle's mid-season finale begins with a case that involves a mob doctor who Castle has a connection with and ends with what the showrunners promise is a "game changer" heading into the second half. "Bad Santa" airs Dec. 8, 2014 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Season 8: News and spoilers

Newest Castle season will see two new cast additions. The season premiere is set for Sept. 21.

Ryan’s baby and a DaVinci Code connection

Here's a couple of latest spoilers from Entertainment Weekly and TV Line.

Castle adds ‘Wire’ alum plus more to opener

The first major casting announce has been made for the new season. Julian Sands from "The Wire" will be guesting as a Hamptons police officer who assists Beckett in the immediate aftermath of the season six finale. Another addition is Jon Lindstrom, whose most recent work includes "General Hospital."

GMMR: Showrunner(s) open up on new ‘Castle’ mythology

Showrunner(s) David Amann and Andrew Marlowe open up on season seven's "new mythology" and what it means for the Castle and Beckett relationship in the wake of Castle's disappearance and the ramifications it holds for the couple as the season progresses.

Mega Buzz: No amnesia for Castle when the show returns

TV Guide says whatever happened to Castle, it won't end with amnesia. Plus, what viewers can expect when the show returns in the fall.

Wetpaint: Jocko Sims to play investigator on ‘Castle’ is reporting that Jocko Sims (Crash and Jarhead) has signed on to play Matt Hendricks, a young and driven investigator on the task force that Beckett was invited to join.

Spoilers: Teases for upcoming episodes

Castle returns Nov. 10 with the episode many fans have been itching for since the series premiere or at least since the season six finale. And ABC isn't pulling any punches here, they're saying it loud and clear: Castle and Beckett are getting married and it's not in some alternate reality, either.



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