Press Release: A Chill Runs Through Her Veins

A frozen woman found tangled in steel bars at a construction site leads Castle and Beckett to a years-old mystery and a long abandoned case. As the two uncover startling revelations about the victim's past, the investigation forces Beckett to face some difficult memories of her own.

Grade Crossfire

With their best lead in hand, Castle and Beckett are ready to take on LokSat. But an unforeseen twist puts their case – and...

6×12 – Deep Cover

The murder of a young video store clerk takes a strange turn when the team discovers his past history as a high-level hacker. But it’s nothing compared to the shock Castle receives when their investigation leads them straight to his father, Jackson Hunt.

Recap: In the Belly of the Beast

Beckett must use her wits to stay alive when she goes up against a powerful foe in "The Belly of the Beast."

Castle Promotional Photos Season 6

ABC Publicity has released the 'Castle' promotional photos for season six.

‘Castle’ gets big boost in DVR ratings

Castle gets a big boost from time-shifted viewing for "Under Fire."

Reality Star Struck – Press Release

"Reality Star Struck" - Castle & Beckett get an up-close-and-personal view of a "Real Housewives"-esque reality TV series, "The Wives of Wall Street," when they investigate the murder of the show's rising young star. Meanwhile, Castle's attempt to give Beckett a Valentine's Day gift goes horribly wrong.

Tamala Jones talks about 100th episode

It's always a historical mark when a series reaches the coveted 100th episode. Reaching the century mark is a pivotal moment for many shows and CASTLE is one of them. Tamala Jones (Lanie Parish) sat down with to talk about the emotional impact of filming the 100th episode, "The Lives of Others."

Castings: Season 6 spoiler alert

Hardly seems like it's that time but we were just a little under two weeks away before principle photography is set to begin on the sixth season of CASTLE. And while some exterior shooting has already begun for the series, we are starting to get our first glimpses of the new season.

“Justified” star to guest on “Castle”

TVGuide is reporting that Joelle Carter from FX's series Justified will guest in an upcoming episode of Castle.



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Castle: Upcoming TNT schedule

Here's a look at what episodes are airing on TNT over the next week. All times are Eastern.

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