Poll: How often do you watch “Castle”?

Since Castle has an infrequent schedule on TNT (according to my sources, it's not airing at all the week after next) and is only available on weekends on broadcast channels, how often do you watch the show?

What did you think of “Castle” season 8?

It's been a month since Castle concluded its eight year run and it's time to get fans' opinion on what the final season. Tell us what you think? Don't go on a full bore rant, put some thing into your opinion.

Best moments in ‘Castle’

Stana Katic and Tamala Jones were not asked back for a potential season nine so we want to know what your best/favorite moments from the series.

Death blow to Castle, ABC kills Beckett to save money

This week has been rough for Castle fans. The news of Stana Katic’s (Kate Beckett) departure from the show sent the fandom into tailspin. Her co-star Tamala Jones (Dr. Lanie Parrish) was also unceremoniously dumped from the veteran ABC crime drama.

Tone Death mini preview

Castle returns Feb. 8 with "Tone Death," an episode that has a little bit of everything.

Preview: XY

Castle season eight gets off to a high-octane start with "XY" when Castle searches for Beckett who leaves a trail of unanswered questions in her wake.

Pick your top five season seven episodes of ‘Castle’

Fans are asked to pick their top five episodes from the seventh season of "Castle."

Preview: Castle, P.I.

Castle hits the ground running with veteran series writer taking up the task to introducing the audience to Rick Castle, Private Investigator. He backs it up with the general flare that made the show great. Only time will tell if this stay the course or is a one-off.

How do you rate the first half of season seven?

Overall, the season is off to a rough start. The off-balance stories mixed with a Castle that is more of fool than the cool, smart, rugged author that we've come to know hasn't sit well with many people.

Favorite ‘Castle’ two-parter

Season seven will feature a mid-season two-parter episode that will surround a case that could be linked to {spoiler}. That said, what's your favorite Castle two-parter?

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