‘Castle’ will adopt ABC’s long hiatus break


When Castle wraps up the first half on Nov. 23, fans will have several month wait ahead of them before the series returns in 2016. ABC announced that the show won’t return until early February.

Two years ago,ABC adopted a long break for some of its serialized shows and expanded it last season with more shows opting to take a long break and return in February or March after ending in November.

ABC has used those vacancies to launch new programming or limited run programming. Last season, the network used the Agents of SHIELD spot to launch Agent Carter.

No word on the exact date in February just yet or what will be airing in its place. However, the longer break translates to less breaks during the second half of the season.

Source: TV Line


  1. Makes me curious as to why castle decided to do this unless it is to give the actors & actresses a rest & refresh. Maybe more clarity at some point? Idk lol

    • Lucas: ABC has used the breaks to launch short-term programing and to keep veteran shows from having to do a 2 or 3 week break during the mid part of the season. So in stead of getting breaks in March & April that have a combined 4 or 5 week break that may likely be reduced down to 2 weeks.


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