Castle: TNT Schedule November 21 & 24


After a two week break Castle returns to the TNT schedule overnights on Tuesday November 21 and Friday November 24.

November 21

2 a.m. — 47 Seconds — Castle, Beckett and the NYPD scramble to find the perpetrator of a bombing at the “Takeover Wall Street” protest. While Beckett is interrogating a suspect, she reveals she has always remembered everything about her shooting, causing Castle (who inadvertently overhears) to think Beckett has rejected his feelings for her

3 a.m. — The Limey — Castle and Beckett are approached by a detective inspector named Colin Hunt from Scotland Yard looking for help in solving the murder of a family friend. Beckett finally admits her feelings about Castle to Lanie, who convinces Beckett that she must make a move before it is too late.

November 24

3 a.m. — Headhunters — Feeling that he is no longer able to work with Beckett, Castle finds a new partner in Detective Ethan Slaughter. As the two attempt to prevent a gang war from taking over New York, Slaughter’s questionable and often violent methods place Castle’s life in danger.

4 a.m. — Undead Again — A witness to a murder claims that he and the victim were attacked by a zombie. Castle and Beckett take a step forward in their relationship, with Beckett stating that “Her wall” is about to come down.


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